Serious lack in drive/motivation with gym

  1. Serious lack in drive/motivation with gym

    Hey Guys,

    Was wondering if you had any thoughts, I'll try keep this short. 35 in April, currently 104KG at ...16% BF at a guess, nutrition is better than average. very slack with Cardio (altho I have done my cardio in the past, doesnt seem to make much difference. have own gym now so train in the garage. problem is for the last 2-4 years Im very demotivated at the gym, my old partner helped a bit but even then he really had to push me, very long rest periods, uncontrollable yawning especially when commencing LEG workouts.. Ive always felt like Ive lacked energy tho. thing is all my blood tests come back ok (ive taken a few in the past) have not kept records. so physiologically I seem fine, I am on meds for depression and will probably stay on them for some time. Ive felt like this since I was a teenager.

    Id like to go see an Endo / hormone/ anti-aging specialist.. do you think Im on the right track?

    its hard to find someone like that around here (New Zealand).

    Thanks in advance


  2. For me a huge part of gym motivation is mental. I can be psyched up to go to gym even when my body is somewhat fatigued.

    Its possible your condition with depression and the prescription medication that comes with that is playing a big roll in the lack of motivation.

    You could try some of the pre-workout energy boosters, but you'd have to be cautious with mixing with your prescription meds.

    Something that helps me out quite a bit in the motivation department is implementing a work out plan. Figure out your goal or goals for exercising, and how you wan to accomplish them, then make-up your own work out routine, or print up one of the many out there on the internet. A work out plan will definitely help with the motivation and staying on track. If you go into your work out knowing what you need to do, it will help you stay motivated and on track.

    In my early work out days I would just go to the gym without much of a plan in mind on what I was going to do. It's easy to get side tracked, and lose motivation if you have no goals or plan.

    Hopefully this helps

  3. i'm a believer in going to a local gym- Powerhouse for me, it's both for mind and body, over the years i've developed many great friendships there, i work out with guys that are dedicated and have a decent amount of knowledge about life as well as exercize, from competitors to just plain gym rats, young 20 year olds to guys my age -59 yrs.- hang out ...the rest of my day is spent with my wife, if i didn't have the gym release i would not be a very happy dude.

  4. A good motivation for me to get it done is belonging to a gym. having equipment at the house is nice but by paying for a membership you are investing into yourself and your health. It is a great idea to map out your workouts so you have a plan but also have a time limit. That may also cut down on long rest periods. I go first thing in the morning before work. I know how much time I have and what I need to get done. If I start running low on time I do not allow myself to take as much time between sets.

  5. I agree with what someone said previously about motivation being mental. It certainly could be the depression and /or the meds. causing the lack of motivation. It couldn't hurt to have things checked further for other issues.
    I often take pre workout supplements to help a bit with motivation. i also will workout where I feel I will get the job done best. I have a gym membership and also some equipment at home. There are days I'm more motivated to go to the gym on the days I'm not I workout at home.

  6. I echo everyone else on the gym membership. I believe if nothing else, you feel obligated to go. I've tried the home thing---phone rings---someone knocking (usually nieghbor wanting to drink your beer) @ the the door----dog needs out---wife interupts----ect.... tooooooo many distractions!!
    Maybe low test??

  7. Definatly get some blood work for your total test, free test, and E2. Low testosterone can cause all of your symptoms. Sleep apnea is a possibility as well. I had no Idea I had it untill after having to start on a TRT program. My Dr brought up the possibility and tests bore him out..

  8. Permanent TRT is not necessarily the first option you should consider.

    Check on Dave Draper's site (PM for link, or lmk if it's ok to post that link) where a guy talks about alternatives to TRT/HRT.

  9. oops didnt realise anyone replied to this, thanks for the feedback guys. Im gonna get another blood test then get reffered to an Endo in a few weeks, will try post an update with the results.


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