2nd cycle help. Prop/tren or Prop/dbol?

  1. 2nd cycle help. Prop/tren or Prop/dbol?

    39 yo 190 lbs. 5 years training.

    1st cycle was 12 weeks test e straightup and nolva/clomid PCT. Gained 12 lbs. lost 6 lbs. No gyno, but bloat on face. Sides towards the end were panic attacks and acne.

    Now plannig 2nd cycle. Any advice on lean gains with less sides?

    Considering 4 wk cycle of test prop 50mg ED and tren a 50mg ED or test prop + d-bol.

    Please critique and help our a bro. Thanks!

  2. If androgens give you anxiety(me too) then stay away from tren and go with the dbol (which has some mood boosting qualities). Tren made me more short tempered and irritable(a lot more than anything ive used)

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