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    BP is obviously a huge consideation for optinmal health especially as we age and for those of us that take hormones.

    Anyone have any luck with the portable home-unit WRIST -style BP units? I want to make sure I'm getting an accurate one.

  2. I dont recommend the wrist units, I was searching for something, like you, and I found nothing but bad reviews and complaints. I did purchase this arm unit:

    Omron HEM-780N3 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with ComFit Cuff

    from amazon, and I believe its pretty accurate, and the reviews on amazon are pretty good, read them yourself.


    Just one word of advice on the arm cuff, at 17 inches my arms would pretty much just fit if they were cold, when my arms had a pump the cuff would not fit. Im looking for a bigger cuff
    PHF Rep


  3. dude you can buy the BP units for the upper arm ther are a bit bulkier but a hell of alot more accurate, they normally come with two different straps on normal and then a large. if you worried about BP investing a little more money will be worth it in the long run!!

  4. I've not use the wrist unit but did have a cuff type that pumped up. I found the unit to be off quite a bit and returned it. Try to get a bp reading at a doc's office and compare the result to what ever unit you chose. BTW outside influences, job, stress, can effect readings. Try to take the reading consistently at the same time of day. Readings early morn. can be lower then later in the day. Try to take reading three times a week and track over a period of time and you may find an average range of your bp



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