42 years old

  1. 42 years old

    I am 42 years old, have been training for over 10 years. I just won the overall at the NABBA Junior Nationals. I am enclosing a few pictures.
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  2. Congratulations, you're proof that age is but a number.


  3. i see your 5'8" 168 what is your off season weight?

  4. Thanks! my off-season weight is around 195. Actually a pretty lean 195.

  5. AWESOME man! Very inspirational.

    I have a question, well actually quite a bit of questions but I shall start with this. Did you take some drugs to get to where you are? I dont mean any disrespect and I would understand if you choose not to disclose. Also I am not sure if NABBA is a Natural event or not so please pardon my ignorance.

    Okay I got one more. I found your chest to be quite impressive. What were couple of staple exercises in your routine? I am trying to bring mine up. For now shoulders and back seem to overpower my chest.


  6. i'm 40 years old 205 right now and 5'9" and you look huge in those ripped pics!!!! so i'm presently trying to cut and was hoping to end up at around 190-195 probaly your off season condition or close.
    i'm not a competitor so i would not have the need to be as ripped as you in those pics. so a lean 190 or so would be great.

  7. I don't use any steroids. I have been at it religiously for the last 10 years and my gains have come gradually. As for chest training, I believe in changing routines often. I use lots of dumbells as heavy as I can for 8 reps in the off-season. I usually do most of my chest work on some sort of incline rather than flat, and if i do any flat benchwork. I do it with my feet up and after all of my other chest work.I like incline dumbell flyes especially.

  8. ^^ Good on you mate. Looks like all your hard work has paid off excellently. I personally dont do chest exercise with feet off the ground, need to give that a go.

  9. Great job Frank. Keep up the hard work as it is paying off in spades.

  10. Awsome build dude - confirms my belief that a healthy approach to this sport can make you look & feel 10-15 years younger! Way to go!!!!

    BTW - I'm 49- been working out for about 5 years and just got serious in the last 2 years - got to take care of this bod for the next 50!

  11. Very impressive. You look better than most guys half your age!!!

  12. Thanks for the compliments. I do believe that in your 40s you can still get better and better.
  13. good for you!

    lookin good for an old dude, but I do hate you of course. just kiddin...I'm jeolous! if you had to pick one supplement that you feel you could'nt do without, what would it be?

  14. Congratulations!!!!!!!

  15. Nice pic's bro & congrats on your win!

  16. I wouldn't say that I rely on any one supplement except my whey protein. I have tried most supplements out there ,but it is so confusing now with so many out there. You can go broke with all of them. I believe most but not all are hype. I rely on training consistently and eating clean most of the time.
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    Looking great bra ! im also 42 and I agree, over 30 doesn't mean a thing.

  18. 44 here,,

  19. You are on top of the world my man....keep up all the hard work ,and sacrifice....it sure has payed off...ageless

  20. Very inspirational,I'm glad to see someone else who does alot of dumbbell work.Especially at your level.God bless.


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