Epi or just an NHA stack?

  1. Epi or just an NHA stack?

    Don't get me wrong, Epi, Havoc, and clones seem to be fairly mild steroids. But just how far can an NHA stack go to increasing strength and size?

    I've been using a stack the last 4 weeks in an attempt to test to see if I can recomp with decent success. I've taken 1/2 inch off my stomach at the bellybutton area, 3/16 inch at the belt line, while adding 3/8 of an inch to my arms around the bicep. I also lost 2 1/2 pounds scale weight. I've been using full barbell squats as the center of my weight training. I'd been working out with weights for a little over 30 months (this time) prior to the start of this test. But I've really started working out at age 14. At the age of 43 I could bench 410 raw, then I let myself go from my late 40's through my early 50's.

    With the right supps I can definitely feel the extra test in my system. I use:

    Activate Extreme
    Fenugreek extract
    Formestane (low dose - a couple of squirts a day)
    50% cissus
    long jack
    + 25 mg of DHEA
    also some non test boost supps such as CEE and Cordygen 5

    I've gained strength in a number of areas. The size in my arms came mainly from compound exercises as most of my routine is compound, with some bicep isolation exercises.

    I'm still too heavy and will need to start a full cut in another week, but I intend to go on another NHA stack for about 8-10 weeks after finishing a 10 week cut. Nobody can tell me these type of stacks are insignificant, although they may not work for everyone, they work well for me.

    I will reach the age of 60 in four months, and want to be in decent shape for my birthday. Decent shape defined here as a fairly lean 195 pounds at 5' 10", with excellent core strength and good upper body strength.


  2. Good looking stack. Hey if you want to avoid having to do a full cut and keep some of that newly gained muscle I suggest Recreate. Full cuts have a way of eating muscle and in the long run they are not as effective as they first appear. Eat clean around maintenance, use Recreate and then adjust you calories according to how fast you want to lose. You could probably lose 1 lbs of pure fat a week and keep all your muscle easily with this supp.

    Oh and your right these are good stacks, and a viable alternative to designers.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  3. DreamWeaver,

    Thanks for the info.

    I had glanced at Recreate before, but hadn't investigated very far. I was thinking of picking up a transdermal such as Lipoderm Y with caffeine, but Recreate is likely a better choice. I know increasing cAMP has terrific results, and Recreate uses two avenues for this.

    Also Lipoderm has the problem that it comes off with sweat, and it takes a couple of hours to fully absorb -- that's a major issue, obviously, as timing would be difficult at best.

    I will also use BCAAs and perhaps glutamine to hold onto muscle. I've already purchased a kilo o BCAAs.

    I was actually somewhat surprised at how well this NHA stack has worked this time. It is about twice as effective as I expected thus far.

  4. There are lots of really good herbal alternatives, that really seem to benefit the more experienced...people who are more in tune with there bodies. I have seen it coming for quite some time, herbals seem to get better and better. You might want to be on the lookout for Prime as well, if it's what they say it is, it could be the missing piece.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

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