Wesb's Recomp Log

  1. Wesb's Recomp Log

    Whats up guys? Not sure why but I've felt obligated to start a training/supplement log these past few weeks. Ive been pretty steady nutrition wise and I'm at a pretty good place when it comes to training also. So I guess you could say this is really just an accountability log and to make sure I don't lose the drive to better my self. I'll be updating every now and then with workouts/supplements and maybe ill post up my cheat meals haha. Heres my current stats....

    Height: 5'11
    Weight as of this morning: 220lb
    Age: 32
    Calories: roughly 3000-3500
    Goal: recomp recomp recomp

    Supplements will vary but for the next 6 weeks I will be running some NOS labs 11-kt and some old halo I have. Im sure a lot of guys will be interested in the 11-kt so feel free to chime in with your experiences and what not. Other supps will be just the basics like WPI/pre/multi.

    My actual training will be John Meadows programs. Did Gamma Bomb about a year ago and I've been stuck ever since. Currently running Taskmaster and Ive gotta say this is by far my favorite of his programs so far.
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  2. Here’s a starter pic. It’s from a week or two ago but y’all get the picture
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  4. Great to see you doing a log and hope ur well. Will check in here and there. Good luck man!
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