Wobmarvels let's go natural for a while and see what happens log.

  1. Wobmarvels let's go natural for a while and see what happens log.

    Hi guys, due to my need to log stuff I have decided to start a log which will go on a few months.

    I will be using supplements during this time but it's more of a daily life log than a supplement or training log. No actual anabolics planned except possibly mystical potion type natural ones.

    I have not long come off a cycle and am looking to maintain some of the added size whilst leaning out a bit for summer and working around several issues I have through post hernia surgery, injuring my arm whilst on my last cycle and stuff that is happening simply cos I'm getting old.

    Everyone is welcome along for the ride, I will go into my current diet and workout regimen in future posts but if anyone wants to comment or ridicule then I'm up for it.

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  3. So current diet. I am not going full blown keto but utilising higher fats and less carbs. I try and keep carbs low in a meal of fats are high and vice versa.

    Breakfast is smoked mackerel and natural peanut butter on rice cakes.

    Mid morning is protein shake with oats and banana with an apple.

    Lunch is chicken with salad.

    Mid afternoon is same as mid morning minus the apple.

    Dinner is steak with whole eggs bell peppers and mushrooms.

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  5. Supplement wise (time for people to roll their eyes) I am currently sticking to mainly Blackstone labs, mutant with protein from myprotein. I'm also finishing up ar1macare pro from ol as part of my pct. I'm no longer on clomid even though it's only been a couple of weeks. It plays havoc on my emotional state and I feel a million times better without it.

    I use dust V2 every morning, not preworkout. I use anesthetized every second or third night to help with sleep. I sip on bcaas throughout they day and I take extra joint supplement daily too. Currently using apex male as part of my pct.

    I get that a lot of people don't rate bsl. Partly because pj can be a dick, their Andros are underdosed and on paper there are much better test boosters etc. But I keep coming back to them because when I use them I notice a difference in how I feel.

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  6. Because my diet is fairly low carb I take glycolog with a high fast carb snack (bowl of cereal) about an hour before workout. This is my preworkout, I don't use anything else as I work out late so I use the actual preworkout (dust V2) in the morning before my walk to work. Means I only use glycolog 3 times per week and one bottle lasts twenty weeks.

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  9. So today I did squats. Finally got some squat stands. For those who don't know I work out at home with very little equipment. Did 6 sets working up to 65kg which I know isn't much but I'm someone who dodged leg training for years. Plus still get twinges from my hernia op. Intended to proceed with dumbbell lunges but couldn't complete due to horrendous cramps in my left leg hamstrings. Not sure if solution is stretching or more thorough warm up but I'll get there.

  10. I really need to pull my finger out and get some decent workouts in. Kids didn't settle until late last night so did a quick 30 minute pull up bar workout.(with one of my kids sleeping in the room).

    Wide grip bodyweight pull-ups. Warm up reps 1/2/3 followed by working sets of 8/7/7 then switched to underhand close grip chin ups 10/10/10/10.

    1 minute rest between sets.

    Better than nothing but I've been short changing myself (or simply making excuses) too much recently.

    Still sticking with same diet with the removal of the first meal to see effects on bodyweight and composieion. Plus have added spring onions and baby corn cobs to my evening meal.Name:  IMG_20190315_191947.jpeg
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  11. So did some chest today. Nothing to complete failure, still working around pain in my left arm.

    Decided to up the volume a bit.

    Warm up/pre exhaust

    Push ups X 100

    Bench press

    35kg X 10
    55kg X 10
    65kg X 8,8,8

    1 minute rest between sets. Like I said these were not to failure, for a start I train at home and don't have safeties or a spotter. If my arm twinges I would have to drop the weight pretty quick but to be honest found this relatively easy. I know it's hardly crazy weight for most folk but since it's the same weight I struggled with squats on just goes to show how neglected my legs must be.

    Bodyweight dips X 12,12,12,12

    Again I could have pushed further on these and will next time.

    Moved on to incline flies but these did aggravate my arm so had to stop after one set.

  12. My usual post workout snack. Greek yogurt, cinnamon protein powder, peanut butter and raisins. Tastes amazing... If you like the sound of slightly sickly cinnamon fruitcake batter. I have this three days a week on workout days only.

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  14. Well my weight is just falling off. I cut out breakfast for 2 days, then had a massive cheat day on Saturday involving sausage and bacon rolls, yum yums, KFC for lunch burger and pizza for dinner. Diet back on track yesterday and I'm 190lbs this morning, a loss of around 3 lbs since Wednesday. Feel way better than when I was eating to maintain over 200 though. Just no bloat, no excessive hunger but craving every meal.

    Feeling this way fits on so much better with my daily life, work, kids, wife. I'm gonna aim to keep around this weight and add definition, (remove fat) but without dropping to 168lbs which I did a couple of years ago to see how far I could go.

    So I will need to add meals back in if the weight keeps dropping.

  15. Food looking good and great job on the smart training.

  16. So today was leg day again... So I did arms... After all it is my birthday so I'll do what I want though. Pretty solid workout, testing limits of my sore arm so again nothing to complete failure.


    Ez bar curls ss with overhead ez bar triceps extensions.

    7.5kg (the bar) X 50/50

    17.5kg X 12/12

    27.5kg X 12/12

    37.5kg X 8/8,8/8,8/8

    Seated incline dumbbell curls ss with incline dumbbell tricep extensions locking out at 45 degrees.

    7.5kg (each) X 15/15

    12.5kg X 8/8,8/8,8/8

    Standing concentration curls ss with feet raised tricep dips.

    22.5kg dumbbell/bodyweight X 8/15, 8/15, 8/15

    Felt slight twinges in left arm with the concentration curls, this was quite heavy for me. Pleased with volume though. And the post workout meal... Which was dominos.... Because birthday.


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