Latenight/Early morning workout sessions

  1. Latenight/Early morning workout sessions

    What's your opinions,comments,questions etc on this and how many of you do this.

    I get it in about 4-5 times weekly at least about 2 of those sessions are at Planet Fitness due to the fact they're open 24hrs and Iam doing a light weight/High rep sessions.

    Also I find it much much less crowded than usual iam talking about 1/2/3 early morning.

  2. What’re you asking specifically?
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  3. Just wanted to hear others opinions on it. If they agree with it disagree and reasons why. I feel it a bit of a challenge when I do it most times it's after work and I definitely skip the pw drink but once I get going it turns out pretty good.

    But I'd definitely be lying if I said more times than not after the workouts i do ask myself could my session been more effective if I was fresher or even possibly with a pw boost

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