Wedding preparation for next summer

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  1. First day of split routine. Chest and biceps today. Did worry about timing TUT today. Just focused on the exercises and routine itself.

    Pec fly x10
    Smith bench press x7
    DB incline x9
    Palms up pull down x8
    Wide grip dips x8
    Machine curl x8
    Reverse curl x10
    Myo crunch x10
    Cat vomit x10

    Total time 36 minutes

    Did a few warmups on the smith and found a good working weight. May have to be a bit more intentional about rest between sets.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  2. Upped the calories starting this week. I’ve been a bit inspired by @Matthersby current log. Absolutely stuffed myself yesterday. Shooting for 3300-3500 calories daily now, as opposed to the 2800 before. Biggest thing is adding a 1/2 gallon of milk per day.

    Current total for today is 3293 with 275/100/315 c/f/p. Will have a glass of milk here in a bit(240cals), which will hit the target for the day.

    DMZ starts in two weeks, may as well get used to eating now, because weeks 3 and 4 of that are going to require commitment at the table to maximize results.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  3. Cardio day today, struggled a little.

    8 minutes HIIT on the bike. Was able to get HR to 165 on the last two, first 6 were 158-160. I was pushing at 100%, just couldn’t get my hr any higher.
    20 minutes on elliptical at 148. Struggled here two, barely maintaining target hr. Jumped directly from bike to elliptical, maybe should’ve given myself a couple of minutes.
    PT back exercises and planks.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  4. Quick post for the night. Yesterday was an extremely busy day for me at work. iPhone says I walked 21,000 steps. I average 13-15k, so that was quite a bit. And I did it after cardio day with my back/glute/core exercises. My back was not happy with me at all last night, was in pretty rough shape when I got home. Was a bit stiff getting up and moving this morning, but felt fine after a while. Apple Watch says I burned 1,838 calories from movement yesterday. Not necessarily accurate, but considering my usual number is closer to 1000, shows it was a very active day.

    Diet continues to be on point, totals today are:

    3,440 calories, 329c, 89f, 334p.

    Simply adding the 1/2 gallon of milk per day has worked out nicely other than my stomach isn’t quite thrilled about it.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  5. Today’s workout- back and triceps:

    ISO lat pull x8 tut1:41
    Middle back pinch x15 tut3:05(this is a cable row done with straight arms, just pinching the shoulder blades together)
    Straight arm lat pull x7 tut1:12
    Back extension x10 1:47(stopped at 10 on these after my back bothering me earlier this week)
    Dip x7 tut:55
    Machine row x6 tut1:07
    Cable pressdown x8(forgot to time it)
    Hanging knee raise x30
    Cat vomit x10
    45 second plank

    First time doing this workout on the new split. I always look forward to training back, so this went pretty well.

    Gonna have to cut back on the milk. GI distress is worsening daily and today was pretty bad. My starfish can’t take much more of this.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  6. Felt a good bit of soreness in the back today, some in the tri’s and even bi’s. Pretty well checked all the boxes there.

    Ate horribly today. Work was nuts, put in a 15 hour day today. Ate a decent lunch but otherwise just munched here and there, mostly on garbage. Stayed away from milk. Stomach was calmer, though the rusty sheriff’s badge is still pretty raw.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  7. Leg day today.

    Leg extension x8, tut1:56
    Leg press x12 tut1:58
    Calf raise x10 tut2:04
    Leg curl x8
    Abductor x10 1:38
    Adductor x10 1:31
    Seated calf raise x8 1:02
    Squat x30
    Myo crunch x12
    Hanging knee raise x25

    Total time 35 minutes

    Just ate an almost @Matthersby style pwo meal: 10oz chicken(cooked weight), 2 sweet potatoes and 1.5 cups of rice. Just finishing up the containers I had in the fridge.

    Gotta go grocery shopping later, gonna get some of that lactaid stuff. See if I can handle the milk with the help of that. Milk is easy calories, really wanna try to keep it in.

    Curious to see how my legs feel for cardio on Wednesday.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  8. Totaled 5,300 calories yesterday. Pretty serious eating.

    In other news, whole milk is just a no go, even with Lactaid. Works like a charm with the 2%, but the whole milk is just too much. Gonna have to start taking my own milk to work.

    Legs are sore as hell today. May have to do something different for cardio in the morning, and push the HIIT to Sunday. Highly doubt I’m gonna have enough juice in my legs to push hard enough tomorrow.

    Scale read 216.5 this morning after taking a piss. Trending up!

    Totaled 4436 calories today without really even trying. Didn’t train today so ate a large, leisurely breakfast which set the tone for the day. Just finished a bowl of Greek yogurt with pineapple and granola. Pretty tasty!

    DMZ and tren starts Monday so I started on cycle assist and cycle support today to pre load. Have the eating figured out, hopefully the milk thing figured out so it’s time to shovel some food down. Will be shooting for 5k a day on weeks 3 and 4.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  9. Overslept today but got in for some cardio and core work. Legs were too sore for HIIT, so ill do that Sunday.

    35 mins on elliptical
    PT back exercises
    Front and side planks
    Oblique crunches
    Hanging knee raises
    Weighted crunch machine

    Shoulders and traps on Friday morning.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  10. Shoulders and Traps today.

    Arnold press X11 tut 1:48
    Cable Lateral Raise x9(each) 1:28ish for tut each side
    Rear delt fly x10 tut 2:14
    Cable Upright row x10 tut 1:38
    DB shrug dropset 4,5,8(didn't time, just not feasible)
    face pulls x20 (didn't time)
    wrist curl x11
    myo crunch x15
    hanging knee raise x25

    Total time 32 minutes
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  11. Got in for cardio and core today.

    8 minutes HIIT on the bike, HR into the mid 160’s
    20 minutes on the elliptical
    PT back exercises
    Oblique planks, crunches and twists

    Started DMZ and tren today. Let the games begin.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  12. Chest and bi’s today.

    Pec fly x9 tut2:00
    DB incline x8 :58
    Smith press x5 :37
    Palms up pull down x8 1:15
    Wide grip dips x9 :55
    Machine curl x7 1:31
    Reverse curl x5
    Hanging knee raises

    Total time 36 minutes

    Also 25 minutes on the elliptical.

    Shuffled exercise order waiting for a smith to open up, so did the inclines first. Added weight and was stronger there than the last workout, but not as strong on the smith. Could’ve slowed down a bit. Felt like the workout was taking too long after having to wait for the bench but still finished pretty quick.

    Scale read 219 yesterday afternoon.

    Will be doing 3 weight sessions per week starting this week. Will split the elliptical and HIIT sessions over the course of the week. Or may just do cardio on sundays depending on how I’m doing on time.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  13. Day off today. Slept in, hit the snooze button a couple times and did 50 minutes of incline walking.

    Was a bit in doubt about my chest workout yesterday, but the soreness erases that.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  14. Hit the scale this morning at 220.4, and that was after a sizable bowel movement.

    Back and tri’s today.

    ISO lat pull x11 tut2:08
    Mid back pinch x9
    Machine row x7 1:10
    Back extension x16 2:42
    Dip x8 :54
    Straight arm lat pull x8 1:28
    Cable pressdown x8 1:09
    Cat vomit x10
    Hanging knee raise x25

    Total time 30 minutes

    Finished with 6 minutes HIIT on the bike.

    Still a bit of soreness in my chest today. Must’ve really gotten a good stretch! Shuffled a couple exercises around today to try and be more efficient. Worked pretty well, moved very quickly.

    Muscles in my upper body felt very full all day today. Seems early for that, but I’ll take it.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  15. Today’s calorie/macro totals:

    4063 calories 450C 74F 398P
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  16. I feel like the DMZ is kicking in. The carb swelling and all over muscle pump seemed to start today.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  17. Got in this morning for legs:

    Leg extension x10 tut1:56
    Leg press x12 1:44
    Calf raise x12 2:01
    Abductor x12 1:50
    Adductor x12 1:49
    Leg curl x8.5 1:56
    Seated calf raise x10 1:23
    Squat x40 2:20
    Myo crunch x12

    Total time 37 minutes

    Worked out this morning, and judging by how my legs feel tonight I’m a little afraid of how they’re gonna feel in the morning.

    Will do my shoulder/traps workout Sunday and alter my schedule for the next week or so. Having ablation procedures done the next two Monday’s, so I’ll need to take it easy those days.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  18. Yeah my legs were sore sore as all hell today.

    Gonna do shoulders and traps tomorrow afternoon after work.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  19. Shoulders and traps today after work.

    Arnold press x11 tut1:41
    Cable lateral x15 1:53
    Rear delt fly x10 1:20
    Cable upright row x15 2:11
    DB shrug x8
    Face pull x15 2:03
    Wrist curl x7
    Myo crunch x12
    Hanging knee raise x30
    Plank 45 seconds

    Total time 30 minutes

    Also 20 minutes on the elliptical

    Stack is just starting to kick in. I’m up another 2.5lbs, felt ever so slightly stronger today, and the pumps were starting to come in like you’d expect- especially after the wrist curls. It’s been 8 years since my last cycle, so we’ll see if it all feels the way I remember it.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  20. Ok, so quick report. Dry joints are starting a bit. Adding in cissus today.

    Had an ablation procedure done on my back yesterday. Had to be put under for it, so wasn’t allowed to drive for the day. Didn’t think about it before, so didn’t get to the grocery store beforehand. Busy work week, so no meal prep. Plenty of food at work, so I’ll eat plenty, just macros not as consistent and won’t be tracking every bit. Have to have the other side of my back done this Monday. I’ll make sure to get to the grocery Sunday to be able to prep for the week.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  21. Chest and bi’s this morning

    Pec fly x10 tut2:03
    Smith press x7
    Palms up pull down x9 1:12
    Db incline x6 :48, then 4 untimed reps
    Machine curl x8 1:25
    Wide grip dips x10 :56
    Reverse curl x5 :42
    Cable curl dropset 2:20
    Myo crunch x15
    45 sec planks

    40 minutes

    Forgot to mention, moved to 45mg DMZ per day yesterday.

    Added 5-10lbs to each exercise today, so strength is starting to rise. Had a killer pump in my arms after the cable curls, arms wouldn’t hang straight after that. My wrestling coach would’ve told me I looked like a white guy stealing hub caps. Oh well.

    All this food is bloating my belly. The joy of bulking season.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  22. Weighed in at 227.5 after work tonight, so I think that puts me up about 8lbs. Really crammed the food down today.

    Fruit veg and protein shake when I woke up
    1 scoop karbolyn with purple wrath during workout
    2 scoops oats, 2 scoops protein pwo

    2 6oz chicken breasts, 1.5c beans lunch

    2scoops oats, 2 scoops protein snack

    8oz chuck burger with bun, lto and american

    2 6oz chicken breasts, 1.5c rice

    Just finished 1c Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup pineapple and 1/2c granola. Will drink some egg whites before bed.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  23. Stack is starting to take off. Seeing improved muscle hardness. Joints are drying out a bit, hoped that wouldn’t happen quite so early. Also a couple really busy days at work that may be making me feel more beat up than I would be otherwise.

    Used the last of my epilogue today, will start follidrone tomorrow. Vector will start middle of next week, to hopefully have it kicking in as pct is starting.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  24. Didn’t make it to the gym this morning. Really busy work week, one of the biggest events of the year spread over 3 days. 12 hours yesterday and 13 today, same tomorrow. I was exhausted last night and just knew I wasn’t going to be worth much at work if I didn’t get a bit of extra sleep. Will get in on Sunday.

    In other news, scale read 230lbs after work tonight. Going to bump the tren to 120mg on Sunday.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  25. Back was really bothering me yesterday. Was busy at work, didn’t eat quite up to the standard. Came home and went straight to bed. Pissed off a lot of water, woke up at 223.6 this morning. Obviously down some water weight, will make sure to drink up today.

    Got in this morning after a much needed sleep in day, did back and tri’s.

    ISO lat pull x9 tut1:29
    Mid back pinch x8 1:38
    Dips x8 :56
    Back extension x13 1:54
    Machine row x8 1:21
    Straight arm lat pull x9 1:21
    Cable pressdown x6 :43, then an I timed drop set
    PT back exercises
    Cat vomit x10
    60 second plank

    37 minutes

    Added weight to most exercises, felt good. Just tired from the past few days at work. Feeling beat up in the lower back, hopefully that passes. Added animal flex in yesterday. Should’ve done it earlier but hopefully it helps.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:


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