Outside the Muscle: Training, Supps & The Grind Ft. Dylan G *Fueled by AZOTH*

  1. Outside the Muscle: Training, Supps & The Grind Ft. Dylan G *Fueled by AZOTH*

    TEAM AZOTH welcomes Dylan Geworkian. Dylan is a relentless grinder and will be covering all behind the scenes coverage of his training, supplementation, and mental fortitude as he grinds his way back to the Bodybuilding stage.

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    My journey began after having my perfect world rocked upside down at the age of 10 when I
    found out my dad was a drug addict, an alcoholic, and with that caused my parents to get
    divorced. To make matters worse, my dad would drag me to drug houses in the middle of the
    night, getting into fights, and I would see things that no child should see. Seeing someone I
    love, who was my superhero, absolutely diminish in front of my own eyes, was life changing.

    At first I did not really know what to do or to think. I went from being the kid who loved being
    outside, playing all day with the kids in the neighborhood, always smiling, winning the
    president’s academic award in school to the the quiet kid, the kid who didn’t care, the kid who
    was no longer a kid. I stayed inside, I became overweight, and struggled in school, I was bullied
    every single day if not physically always mentally. I felt trapped. I ended up falling behind in
    school quickly, in with the wrong crowds, doing things that I’m ashamed of admitting.
    Living in a society that is so drug heavy, I was on medications for years, they turned me into a
    zombie, I fell deeper and deeper into depression. I hated what I looked like, I hated who I was, I
    couldn’t take it anymore. I finally snapped, and one day, I did it. I decided I would commit
    suicide...I would take my life.

    I set up everything to take my life, but fortunately, my attempt was unsuccessful as I was saved
    at the right time. There is is this weird space when you are not conscious anymore, but are still
    physically alive - “the grey space,” it was the biggest kick in the ass I had gotten. I saw my entire
    life unfold in front of me. Waking up, I knew It was time for me to take all the heartache and pain
    and struggle from the years of the past and make something of myself. My first turn was to the
    gym, my grandfather’s basement gym.

    Unfortunately, some months late I relapsed again. Instead of taking my life, I knew deep down I
    need help and admitted myself to a crisis suicide center. Yes, I was only 16 years old I was in
    treatment for months. Square one. All over again. Once I got back home, things started to
    change. My dad, my best friend, my biggest inspiration, took control of his own life and went into
    rehab. We were going to do this together. I ended up being home schooled the rest of my junior
    year. Start of a new me, a new life, a new outlook and waking up everyday with a smile.
    Training everyday, educating myself on diet and nutritional values, supplementation.
    Going into senior year I started to get a lot of compliments on being in shape, no longer chubby,
    had my first ever girlfriend. Things were great - I was totally in love with her. A couple months
    in, she started cheating on me with another guy and abused me. But, this time, I just didn’t give
    a ****. Seriously, I didn’t care. I said “ Dylan, you’ve made it through so much in life, this is

    Just like that, I didn’t give a ****, I knew I was meant for bigger things: I graduated with honors,
    and had the proudest moment of my life: I walked walked on graduation day not just for myself
    but also for my father who did not get the chance to graduate, and became the best version of

    Today, I am now 22 years old,, a manager of a vitamin shoppe, the Regional Sales Director at AZOTH LLC and helped change 100s of people
    lives, very active in suicide awareness, always lending a helping hand, and most importantly I
    am a competitive Bodybuilder in both the OCB and now the NPC. My father is also in the best
    shape of his life and has made a full recovery.

    If there is ever a doubt in your mind that you can’t ... believe me when I say you CAN!
    Everybody has a life but not everyone lives. Make the most of everyday, make it a goal to be a
    better you. I am a living testament of just keep going. I could’ve given up multiple times. I
    could’ve shut my eyes. I could’ve folded my hand. Instead I went all in and I believe my royal
    flush is just around the corner.

    Thank you everyone for listening, thank you Prady and Azoth for giving me a chance to show the world
    that nothing is impossible! I love you all and never forget that only you can control your future.

    Follow Dylan on Instagram
    AZOTH Nootropic Complex 2.0 - Get Sh*T Done.
    Owner & Formulator

  2. Thank you Prady for quite the introduction, and hello to everyone! Extremely excited to let you all inside my mind, my training, my supplementation, and more importantly the GRIND! We’re just getting started, and have a couple competitions in the distant near future! So with that, let’s take this ride, any questions feel free to reach out! Next log will be the beginning of the training. LEG DAY!

  3. Legs 4-23-18

    When I hit legs, I go in with a certain goal every training session is for a reason, and meticulously planned out, around my meals, the intra workouts, etc. For the past couple months I have really focused on bringing my legs up, but also specifically my hamstrings! So my coach and I have been starting and ending with Hamstring movements, with additional secondary muscle movements in the workout. Also rest is very minimal, at most 60 seconds, I usually sip my intra, then log my weight then I’m right back to it.

    • Pre-workout Meal was 1 C Egg Whites, 1/3C Cream of Rice, 1 Banana, and 1 SCOOP Whey Isolate

    • Pre-workout was Nutrabio PRE, Watermelon Flavor, Azoth Total Energy, & Azoth 2.0

    •IntraWorkout was 1 SCOOP Nutrabio IntraBlast (Sweet Tea Flavor), 10 G Creatine Mono, 1 SCOOP Project AD Nitr-OX, 2 SCOOPS Nutrabio Super Carb, and 1 TSP of Sea Salt

    •Post Workout will be 8 Oz of BBQ Shredded Chicken, with 2 Cups Jasmine Rice

    ••Seated Hamstring Curls

    Warm up with ham curls, 3-4 really blood moving purposed sets, then 3 sets of almost failure 10-12 reps with a decent weight, then on the 4th set, a maniacal dropset. Do 12, then drop for 8, then drop for another 8. Focus here is blood!
    - Looks like this
    W/U 40 lbs X 15
    W/U 50 lbs X 12
    W/U 60 lbs x 10
    80 lbs x 10
    90 lbs X 9
    80 lbs x 10

    Maniacal Drop
    80 x 12, 60 x 8, 50 x 8
    W/ 4 forced reps on the last drop

    •• Leg Press

    Probably the most underrated movement for building your overall mass besides the squat. Going to do a form of rest pause on these. Sets of 8 until you can’t get 8, then challenge set!
    On that set you can’t get 8, immediately drop about 30-40% in weight and do 6-8 more, then drop again and grind out as many as possible! At all costs GET THE REPS! Take a few deep breaths, assist the knees if need be, don’t go as heavy as usual.
    -Looks like this

    W/U 1 Plate x 12
    W/U 2Plates X 10
    3 Plates x 8
    4 Plates x 8
    5 Plates x failed at 8, drop to 4 Plates x 6 with 2 forced reps, drop to 3 Plates x 7 reps with 4 forced reps

    •• Smith Machine/Hack Squats
    So I’ve been really pushing the weight on my Barbell Squat for months now, so more recently I have been doing machines, or another form of a squat to give my joints a break. That being said, we keep it heavy, keep it controlled, and annihilate the muscle for every angle. So this movement is where you keep your feet out infront you and mimic doing a hack squat to an extent. To start a few sets of feeder sets, then 3 sets of 8, after a good full pump, we get started. On the 4th set after finding your weight, I went 8 reps followed by a drop of 6, followed by another drop of 6!


    - Looks like this
    1 Plate x 8
    1.5 Plates x 8
    2 Plates x 8 (Quads are fried) , Drop to 1.5 x 6 Plates, drop to 1 x 7

    •• Bulgarian Split Squat Dropset of Death
    A form of John Meadows, my goal right now is to grow as much as humanly possibly at the moment. So instead of the 10, we are going to do 8 reps, 8 iso hold could, then repeat as you drop in weight, for a total of 32 reps per leg! Be ready to either fall over, throw up, or not want to move again. Using a DB on this.
    - Looks like this
    70 x 8, iso hold for 8, 60 x 8, iso hold for 8, 40 x 8 (fell at this point on the hold) , repeat for second leg

    •• Dumbbell Stiff Legged Deadlifts
    Your quads are going to be beyond pumped right now, so make sure they don’t take over. Let the weight stretch you at the bottom, then explode up, full ROM, contract the Glutes every single rep!
    -Looks like this
    60s x 8
    60s x 6
    40s x 8 (Quads were so pumped, when hamstrings stretched, I paused at the bottom, to ensure the hamstrings were doing the work

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    Weighing about 210 fasted, pushing the food, and the weights. Show in mind in the distant future, but for now just continue to grow!!!!
  5. Outside the Muscle: Training, Supps & The Grind Ft. Dylan G *Fueled by AZOTH*

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    Chest/Delts 4-23-18

    I first and foremost have to give my Coach Tavish Steele all the credit in the world for the training set up, I just execute the plan!

    • Flat Bench DB Press
    Do plenty of warm up sets working your way up doing sets of 8. Just keep going until you can barely get 8. Now I want one more set. Drop your weight down about 20% and do a challenge set. You are going to go to failure using 3⁄4 reps (no lockout) and then drop the weight another 20% and use full range of motion to failure. All about the overall stretch and blood with this one
    -Looks like this
    W/U 50 x 10
    W/U 60 x 8
    70 x 8
    80 x 8
    100 x 7
    Challenge Set
    80 x 9
    60 x 7

    • Incline Barbell Bench Press
    Do these rest pause style. Do sets of 8 until you can barely hit 8. Just take down and stop and pause for 1 second then drive up hard. We will call this 3 work sets so don’t take to big of jumps early.
    -Looks like this
    W/U 95 x 8 x 2
    135 x 8
    155 x 8
    185 x 8
    205 x 7

    • Smith Machine Bench Press
    On these I just want a simple 4 sets of 8 with perfect form. On these you should get all reps but the last rep should be very hard to do with good form. Do not bounce the weight and even use a slight pause at the bottom.
    -Looks like this
    1Plate x 8
    1.5 Plates x 8
    2 Plates x 8
    **** Back off set of 1 Plate for 8

    • Slight Incline Cable Flyes
    Do 3 of 15 here with a full range of motion and squeezing for 1 second in the contracted position.
    - Didn’t track the weight just held the contraction at the top, and did a type of 1.5 rep scheme, really emphasizing the stretch

    • Rear Delt Flyes
    Do these rest pause style. Take the weight back and flex hard, then lower it until the weight stops and then fire it back up and hold the flex again. This is tough if you are flexing hard in the contracted part as I am suggest. Do 4 sets of 15.
    -Didn’t track the weight

    • DB Side Laterals
    Do these with a little lighter weight. Do 4 sets of 8. Once you get arms up to top of range, hold and flex for 1 second before lowering. Blow those delts up with a crazy pump!
    -Didn’t track weight just felt the contraction and grabbed the muscle every rep

    • Barbell Front Raises
    Raise the barbell up a few inches above your head out in front of you. Do these very controlled. Do 3 sets of 12.
    50 x 12 x 3

  6. **** yes! Subbed. Keep it up brother!!! Really been missing a log like this on the boards. @DylAnthony22

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Texanpride199 View Post
    **** yes! Subbed. Keep it up brother!!! Really been missing a log like this on the boards. @DylAnthony22
    Absolutely brother!!

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    Chest/Delts 5/2/18

    Warm up with Calves, and incline push ups (Off the DB rack, or the smith machine bar, some rotator cuff warming up)

    Incline DB Press
    I do these with only a slight incline, easier on the joints, especially the shoulders, feels more nature for myself! The focus here is full range, nice stretch at the bottom, and full lock out this week. BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD! 3 working sets
    • Looks like this
    50 x 8
    60 x 8
    70 x 8
    80 x 6

    Incline Smith Machine Bench
    Again, a slight incline, higher reps, something like 25-20-15-10, or something like that. Moving as much blood into the chest and all areas of the chest as possible. FEEL EVERY REP!
    • Looks like this
    135 x 25
    155 x 20
    185 x 15
    225 x 10

    Machine Press
    I like to keep my elbows up on this movement, puts the shoulders in a very safe and natural pressing motion. Higher reps are out of the way, and this we really want to smoke whatever is left of the pecs at this point, 4 sets of 6 with a hard focused flex at the top and lockout of the movement!
    •Looks like this
    100lbs x 10 really slow
    120lbs x 6 (Easy) (Not a working set)
    150lbs x 6
    180lbs x 6 x 3

    Flat Cable Flyes
    Nothing fancy, full ROM, full contraction at the top (can hold for a couple seconds to really pre exhaust the chest in the the earlier reps) , I love to focus on the stretch on this one, at the bottom of the movement I’ll do like a 1/4 rep, hold that, then continue the movement. Helps my connect with the chest! 3 sets of 10.
    •Looks like this
    20 x 10
    20 x 10
    10 x 10

    BentOver RearDelt Flyes
    So not your typical rear felt flyes this week. This is a “swinging/hanging” variation, kind of like half reps, with a decent weight, straighten the arms, and pull with your rear delts not your elbows! 3 Sets of 25-30.
    • Looks like this
    15lbs x 30 x 3

    Cable Side Laterals
    Probably one of the most underrated shoulder movements. I like to start with the cable a little behind my back to ensure a full stretch at the bottom range of motion. It’ll feel like your side and rear felt are pulling downwards. 4 sets of 10, full ROM, 1 second flex at top before lowering, I decided to do 5-6 second negatives
    • Looks like this
    10lbs x 10 x 4 sets

    DB Front Raises
    One arm at a time, slow and controlled, envision your are throwing your hands up to ask for help, well put dumbbells in your hand, go right above the eye, and squeeze those front delts! You’ll love it and hate it.
    • Looks like this
    25lb x 8 x 4

    HIIT Cardio - 20 Minutes bike
    Abs - 8 sets (4 lower, 4 upper)
    Foam Roller/Stretching


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