Austin "The Machine" vs. ShoFight Outdoor Kickboxing event *Sponsored by AZOTH*

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  1. Austin "The Machine" vs. ShoFight Outdoor Kickboxing event *Sponsored by AZOTH*

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    Heavyweight MMA/Boxing Champion, Austin "The Machine" Levine is back with a vengeance. After having to sit out his last fight due to medical problems, he has a lot to prove. Next stop: the upcoming Shofight Outdoor Kickboxing event taking place on April 28. Austin will be sharing all his training, nutrition, and supplementation advice leading up to the event.

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  2. Whatís going on everyone!!!!!!! Super glad to be doing another thread for my upcoming fight the 28!! It will be a kickboxing fight so punches and kicks only the promoter will be doing a mma fight shortly after This one about 1 months from this fight. I was guaranteed a heavyweight title fight so weíll see what happens. As stated Iíll let you guys know my workouts nutrition and supplement regimen leading up to my fight and as to how my fight goes! Not much has changed goal is still to go pro talked to the promoter last week still states he wants to sign me but wants me to get to 205lbs and fight atleast once there before doing so. Iím sitting at 245 so really not far to go. Iím back in Missouri and have access to my old high school weight room and local community center weight room so I will be lifting as well. I wanna thank Prady (AZOTH) for setting this up I greatly appreciate it there amazing sponsors and family! everyone go check out Azoth they have some amazing badass supplements!! Well Iím getting ready to head to gym now so Iíll be posting later tonight about today hope you guys check back in feel free to follow me on Instagram or Facebook or even Snapchat if you have any questions or just wanna chat! (TheMachineMMA)

  3. Whatís up everyone sorry didnít post last night fell asleep lol. Yesterday I went on a 2 mile run in the morning got back packed my workout bag and went 1 town over to the community center. Stretched did 3 3 minute rounds of jump rope 30 minutes on the elliptical and 9 minutes on the bike. After that I did 3x10reps on the leg press 3x10 bench 3x10 bicep curls 3x10 lat pull downs 3x10 one arm rows and 3x10 dead lift and 3x10 shoulder press got back home relaxed and finished the day with 3 3 minutes rounds of mitt work and some core work.

    Nutrition- protein shake and breakfast bar for breakfast spinach salad for lunch light dressing and plain chicken with rice for dinner

    Supplements- protein shake 2 azoth ENERGY pills and after workout drink.

    This was what I did yesterday and am back working out today after church of course. Very glad to be back at this again and always look forward to hearing from you all! Thank you guys will be posting again later today! Get****Done!

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    Redcon1 Teir Operator

  5. Whatís going on everyone! Today was another successful day of hard work! Started off the day with a coldish 2 mile run! Then dropped off the wife at her parents and went to the gym to get some hard work in. Started off with 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes on the bike. After that I did 3 sets of 10 on bench, curls, lat pull down, leg press, bent over rows, incline bench, dead lift. Showered went to in laws did mitt work and shadow boxed. Iím definitely feeling it today lol

    Nutrition- protein shake egg whites, lunch tuna sandwich dinner small bowl of spaghetti.

    Supplements- protein shake 2 Azoth ENERGY pills, after workout drink

    Thank you to my sponsors Azoth and to everyone that continues to follow me and support me you guys are the greatest!

  6. Whatís up everyone sorry didnít post yesterday I did work out but little one sick again bad allergies for her this year. Yesterday I went on a run 2 miles in morning very nice day out to me. Got home did core showered relaxed with the family didnít get to go to gym so yesterday evening I did mitts 3 3minute rounds the fight will only be 3 2 minutes rounds do to it being a kickboxing show. After mitts I shadow boxed 3 2 minutes rounds did 3 sets of 20 push ups more core work and another 2 mile run. I worked today 10 hour shift so Iím going to eat dinner and go on a family walk while itís still light out and relax pick back up hitting it hard tomorrow!

    Nutrition- yesterday: bagel with protein shake lunch was spinach with chicken and dinner was another salad lol TODAY: breakfast another bagel with protein shake lunch spinach salad dinner plain chicken with salad

    Supplements: both days protein shake and yesterday 2 Azoth ENERGY pills before workout today 2 Azoth energy before work

    Thank you guys as always your all the best! And tomorrow hit it hard again!

  7. Whatís up everyone!! Had another busy day yesterday! Worked 6am-430pm man I hate 10 hour shifts lol but gotta make some money! Got off work came home changed went on roughly a mile run did core work push ups dips 3 3 minute rounds of mitt work shadow boxed 3 2 minutes rounds then immediately after went on my 2 mile run got home more core work. Iím off today and work hasnít called me in lol so get to hit the weight room!

    Nutrition yesterday- protein shake for breakfast lunch was spinach with light ranch and little bit of cottage cheese not sure if itís bad for me but I like it lol and dinner was a plain chicken sandwich

    Supplements: protein shake for breakfast and 2 Azoth ENERGY pills before workout

    Everyone if you havnt already please go give my amazing sponsors Azoth a follow on Facebook twitter Instagram and check them out without them none of this would be possible for me so big thank you to them! And if you would like to try Azoth use promo code AUSTINMMA for a discount on me!

  8. Whatís up Machine fans!! Today was a ok day! Took a lot of motivation and focus to get through todayís cardio and core workout lol thankfully I had Azoth to get me through! Went on a 2 mile run this morning came home did core work and played with the kiddos. Took the wife to work went to the gym did 30 minutes elipticle and 15 minutes on the bike. Got home this evening and shadow boxed for 3 3 minute rounds. Going to be back at it tomorrow morning starting with the morning run.

    Nutrition: breakfast was a breakfast bar and protein shake lunch was 1 pork chop and dinner was a steak with no seasoning

    Supplements: protein shake and 2 Azoth ENERGY pills!

  9. Whatís up everyone!!! Today was a pretty damn successful day went on a early morning mile run got home did core work showered went to church got home relaxed with the fam for a few shadow boxed 3 2 min rounds did 3 3 min rounds of mitt work went on a 2 mile run got back did core work more shadow boxing stretched and showered hitting the gym tomorrow for some light lifting and cardio after work. Got to be ready for the 28 itís almost here plan to go in there have fun and do what I love!

    Nutrition- 2 breakfast bars and protein shake for breakfast lunch Caesar salad light dressing and dinner 2 plain pieces of chicken with side salad.

    Supplements- protein shake and 2 Azoth energy pills.

    Thank you guys for checking me out everyday I love and appreciate you all you guys are the best!! Want to thank all of the Azoth family especially Prady for helping me on my journey to the top of this sport your the best bro! Everyone please go check out Azoth if you already havnt!! Again thank you all!

  10. Whatís up everyone!! Had a good day today! Went on a very early morning run just a little over a mile after that got back shadow boxed 3 2 minute rounds showered. Then went to work that blew lol got home got my new car 2007 Dodge Charger! Never ever owned anything this nice before lol. Then went on a 2 mile run did mitts 3 3 minute rounds and then did some core work. Fights right around the corner and I feel great. I love the challenge of stepping out of my comfort zone and really testing myself Iím more of a ground fighter so Iím ready to show off my stand up and see where Iím at will only help my mma career and I wanna thank you guys as always for following my journey!

    Nutrition- peanut butter sandwich for breakfast 2 plain chicken breast for lunch and 2 plain chicken breast with salad for dinner

    Supplements- 2 Azoth energy pills

    Everyone please go check out Azoth and give them a follow! thanks to Azoth I get to share my journey with you all so please give them a follow on social media and if you wanna try Azoth use promo code AUSTINMMA for a discount on me!

  11. Whatís up everybody! Todayís been a longgggg slow stressful day but thanks to Azoth I was able to grind through it thankfully. Early morning run 1 mile got to work at 6am till 430pm got off saw my kiddos got home did core 3 3 minute rounds of mitt work and a 2 mile run I. The rain not fun but has to be done in order to achieve greatness and success!! Truly that was it today but tomorrow I work 6am to 11 am then off to hit that gym hard will do a lot more tomorrow the 28 is almost here and I couldnít be more excited!!

    Nutrition- breakfast nothing lunch 2 turkey roll ups! Love em lol dinner fried mushrooms idk if theyíre really healthy per say but I LOVE them to got to stop after this fight I HAVE to get down to 205 so I can get that pro contract which means VERY STRICT diet plan which ima need help getting in place lol.

    Supplements- no Protein shake today, 2 Azoth energy pills every please go check em out you wonít regret it I promise and use promo code AUSTINMMA for a discount on me itís worth it I promise!!

  12. Passed physical everyone made weight have a tough opponent but ready for a fight!


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