Big Beyond Belief is Blowing my Mind (an older guys road to redemption) + Training +

  1. Big Beyond Belief is Blowing my Mind (an older guys road to redemption) + Training +


    Almost a year ago I started a log which was quite frankly a mess. I was all over the map and then fought with people.

    Suffice it to say, this forum seems very forgiving and I thought that I'd wait and see if I were going to actually stick with this routine before starting a log.

    The Big Beyond Belief Program

    Five weeks ago I started the big beyond belief program.

    This is a very old program which hit in the mid 1990s and was sold out of the back of bodybuilding magazines before going online.

    There are many threads about this on another forum with the letter "t" in it, but the long and short of it is that

    * you ramp up volume for three weeks to where you want to die

    * you pull back a little and coast and grow

    * you cycle this over and over.

    I am doing a six day a week version where the workouts are about 35-45 minutes long and I have enough off time daily that I don't need complete off days from the gym.

    All workouts are logged, every rep and set is written in my paper training journal.

    Here is a video that explains some more on this program.

    My goals are fairly simple.

    After a prolonged time off I need to get my muscle memory maximized, see gains that I've lost, stop screwing around and get stronger and more fit as fast as I can.

    For this I'll be eating between 25 to $2,700 a day, and will be logging all of my meals and food intake.

    I eat intermittent fasting or I go between 12 to 14 hours a day without eating, I'm pretty liberal on the diet timing don't stress too much on it.

    This means that if one day I decide I want to eat breakfast I'll eat something ketogenic just to put some food in my stomach.

    I do try to limit my carbohydrates to after my workouts though. Trying to keep my sugar as low, but I find that my love affair with Oreos and chocolate it's hard to pass up sometimes.

    I have a lot more to add to this, but I will have to cut it short now.

    I have various statistics from my scales, as well as they sculpt body fat analyzer that I'll be sharing as I go.

    In short, I'll also be running some sarms including mk-677 which not a sarm is classified there by many people.

    I also have sr9009 arriving in the mail this week although I'm skeptical that I will do anything at all.

    I welcome anyone and everyone to come in and look forward to reading what you have to say.

    Some photos and more posts coming in the next little while.

  2. I'm seriously going to need to make some Headway here, because I'm technically on the 5th week of this program.

    So basically when I started this out I was pretty out of shape and though I am sure a lot of you here I still am, it's getting better.

    But I did find however was my weight Spike considerably during the time that I went on the program, especially in the "super growth" phases, and at first I had a considerably hard time deciding what direction I wanted to go in and knew that I couldn't choose low calories overall based on the workouts.

    Started mk 677 March 20 2018

    A company called proven peptides which I think also has a form here but I don't believe there's any posts in it sent me a bottle of mk-677 which I started using March 20th. Here's a little video about that aside from getting a product for free videos not sponsored

    You can see in the chart below showing my way over time that my weight has gone up considerably however my body fat seems to be saying the same, I may even possibly be leaning out.

    Seems I can't post images from the AM app? Either way

    I will post some more a little bit later today or tomorrow, as well as I progress picture for those who can stomach it haha

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  4. Quote Originally Posted by JAS51 View Post
    OK good. I'll be updating more then. I got lazy when I had zero replies.

  5. Day...43

    So a couple of things are happening.

    I gained a lot of weight really fast. I'm going to chalk this up mainly to mk-677 which I was given to try out by proven peptides.

    At the same time, my strength has skyrocketed and I am lifting so much more.

    I'm also though thinking it has a lot to do with the training.

    If you look on the reviews on Amazon for this book, it makes it look like some kind of miracle program where people gain a lot of weight really fast.

    To put it into perspective, today I woke up weighing over a 180 lb for the second day in a row.

    I don't think my poor electronic body fat analyzer scale knows what to do. It says I keep gaining body fat, but looking in the mirror I know that's not possible. If anything I look slightly leaner than when I started all of this.

    I'd be curious to know if anybody is used mk-677 before, and if they tried to use a body fat analysis scale.

    Something that I added last week though, is sr9009. I'm not sure about the compound, and I'm pretty sure that the results I'm seeing or not because of that. I did however watch a YouTube video or somebody claimed it did things over the course of 19 days that seem flat-out impossible to me. Check that video out here.

    Wow.. Youtube seems to have taken a lot of sarms related channels down.

    I'm in the part of the program where you're doing less volume and waiting for a longer between sets and having longer rest periods

    The point of this part of the program is to pull back a little bit and continue on in this fashion until you see the results and the weights start to level out.

    You can do this for 3 weeks, or as many weeks as it takes before you start to regress I no longer see your lifts increase in the gym

    So I'll leave it at that right now. I'm not really sure what's happening, but I'm going to continue on with the program.

    I'll leave this post without adding that I've decided that I need to cut my caffeine back considerably. I was close to 700 mg a day, and today I'm going to just drink a couple of Red Bulls which should should be 160mg for the day.

  6. When do you take your mk-677.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by jameschoi View Post
    When do you take your mk-677.
    Around 5-7pm seems to work best for me


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