Jswain's training log for powerlifting

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  1. Jswain's training log for powerlifting

    I'm starting up a log here mainly to gain knowledge from others (powerlifters and non-powerlifters alike) and hopefully giving back to the AM community a little bit. I am going to be training for powerlifting and am finishing up my 4th cycle of Candito's 6 week strength program. Prior to that, i was playing college baseball and running 5/3/1 for the better part of 2.5 years. Here are my current 1-3rm maxes:

    Bp: 325x1 (****ty arms flared and T&G). I will know my current training competition style bench next week. I hit 260x2 for a fairly easy double today. Im stronger with my arms flared (bro benching), but im currently working on bringing them in to help with lat recruitment and to save my ACs. Won't get near this next week, im cool with that, working on comp form finally.

    Sq: 440x3. This current cycle of JC's program has been very rough for squats. Dunno what it is, just haven't had it since i hit 395x9 a few weeks ago. We'll see next week.

    Dl: 515x1 conventional. Recently switched to sumo so I could train the deadlift more frequently. Like my bench, i will have a max set next week. I am surely stronger conventional, but once again, i'm thinking my sumo will catch up rather quickly.

    After my tests next week, ill be starting up a customized version of the RTS general intermediate program. (Customized exercises for my weaknesses. RPE targets, load drops, repeats and fatigue %s will all remain the same). I was deciding between the Cube Method, Brandon Campbell's new PRS program and this. I went with RTS because i wanted to see how full body higher frequency worked for me and love the whole idea of auto regulation.

    Thats where we'll start.
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  2. Subbed along brother!

  3. Jswain's training log for powerlifting

    Here is the RTS lifting schedule ill be following:

    Here are the RTS variations I've chosen. Would love to hear any feedback. Im weak out of the hole, off the chest, and off the floor. Obviously primary lifts will be comp bp, comp sq and sumo DL.
    primary assistance:
    bp - spoto press / sq - 13.5" box squat w/ pause after box tap / dl - sumo deficits
    Primary supplements: bp - Weighted dips / SQ - front sq / dl - banded GHR

    Bench secondary supplement: Overhead press; maybe w/ axle/fat bar
    Secondaries: bp - slingshot T&G/ sq - none / dl - conventional

    Edit: these are edited and now UTD after revisions.
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  4. Subbed! I see you weak point work and think I'd throw pause squats in there somewhere. Better for TUT and learning proper positioning than Anderson squats, though perhaps some other guys who've done more pin squats can chime in. My main stuff for improving my squat is the pause squat and the box squat. But that's just me, and I could stand to improve much more than I have in the last year.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by herderdude View Post
    Subbed! I see you weak point work and think I'd throw pause squats in there somewhere. Better for TUT and learning proper positioning than Anderson squats, though perhaps some other guys who've done more pin squats can chime in. My main stuff for improving my squat is the pause squat and the box squat. But that's just me, and I could stand to improve much more than I have in the last year.
    Awesome man. Glad to see you here. Great person for me to learn from. I do feel that both of those likely would benefit me. Especially the pauses for positioning. It was between andersons and pauses when i was choosing, now that i think about it it does make more sense to use pauses for a while just to get a little more comfortable in the hole. I was also considering adding in some banded box squats but i wanted to get a full training cycle in to just get a feel for the program before adding any CAT work.
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  6. So taking the weekend off from lifting. Played in a slow pitch softball tournament yesterday and one of my good buddies (and lifting partner) is graduating from college today and having people over afterward, i am going to attempt to keep the beer drinking to less than a handful since I'm supposed to test on squats tomorrow. Definitely not ideal, but sadly I'm not getting paid to hit a PR tomorrow, so it is what it is.

    Always have the option of pushing it back to Tuesday and just going in for some light prehab stuff tomorrow. Hips are pretty much always tight and my left biceps tendonitis has been flared up on me the last 2 weeks.
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  7. Yup. Took today off, probably could have went in today for squat test but I decided to give it a day after the weekend i had. 455x1-4 tomorrow.
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  8. Well, that went ****ty. Will post workout later. Ended up calling it quits for squats after 2 singles at 425. Like i said, squats this cycle have been terrible.
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  9. May 5, 2015 Candito 4 week 5 Sq test:

    Weight: 218.0

    Warmup - 20 minutes

    Foam roll: quads, hams, lats
    Lax ball: glutes/hip flexor/hips/delts
    Hip circle monster walks
    Banded external rotations 2x15
    Band curls 3x20
    Hip circle kb front squat 2x10
    Super D inverted banded QL warmup
    Super D inverted banded hip extensions


    WU: hip circle front squats bar x10

    comp squats w/ hip circle: 135x5

    Comp squats:

    425x1 - weight came forward, felt like ****. Told myself if I didn't hit a better rep i wasn't going up.

    425x1- felt like my form stayed tighter, but it just moved too slow for me to want to justify going up after the last few weeks of squats. (How do i upload a video?)

    Sumo deadlifts at 65-75%:

    325x4 (also would like to upload this for form critiquing).

    Banded GH raise:


    Overall, pretty bummed about the whole squat situation. In February i hit 450x1 and 6 weeks ago 440x3. Cant see any way i would have had either of those in me today. 3 weeks ago I hit 395x9 on an MR10 set, so i know its there. That was really the last good squat day i've had.
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  10. Put vids on YouTube and post the link, bud. We'll find out where your squats ran off to.
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  11. http://youtu.be/F-OflhmtNOE

    There is todays 2nd single at 425. Let me know what you see. I have the first one two if you want it, just lemme know. Sorry its so damn far away, didn't know it was gonna shrink that much upon upload (i'll work on that for next video). I appreciate the advice in advance.

    I didn't send the deadlift clip to my phone from my ipad yet. Will try to get that up tomorrow for some critiquing.
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  12. Jswain's training log for powerlifting

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    This seems to be the spot i got stuck. Maybe i need to reevaluate my sticking point as from being out of the hole to right here. And if thats the case, i almost feel that andersons squats at maybe 1 pin below this point would help with powering through this point. Thoughts?

    If i had to take a stab at it id think that my glutes are behind. I think that looks like a place where a lack of driving through with the hips could show up.
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  13. I'd keep working strength out of the hole, bud. The faster you get out of the bottom, the more momentum you'll have when you get to that point. Try to drive your back into the bar as you hit the hole, that will help. Keep taking vids and we'll keep helping you!
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  14. Sounds good, thats what i'll do. Hopefully it has just been a bad few weeks.

    On another note, any of you guys have experience going to a chiropractor for hip/sacral pain? Ive never been in for an adjustment and i think my left side could really use one. Just wondering if anyone has past experience with it.
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  15. If you find a good Chiro, it's worth it. Mine does some hippie stuff but he's good at adjustments, released, and Graston.

  16. Yeah i think i might be due for my first adjustment and maybe some active release on my left hip. The Graston technique stuff looks intriguing as well.
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  17. Stuff like satellites exploring the galaxy and dinosaurs and crap is intriguing.

    Graston is a straight up miracle.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    Stuff like satellites exploring the galaxy and dinosaurs and crap is intriguing.

    Graston is a straight up miracle.
    Haha, I'll have to take your word for it and hopefully ill find out soon enough. Unsure if i want to wait til after DL test on Friday (so next week sometime, i work all weekend) or go before/after BP test tomorrow. Leaning towards waiting til next week.
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  19. So i did some analyzing on my sumo pulls from the other day. A few things I noticed:

    I occasionally get my shoulders perpendicular to the bar. Id say 60-70% of the time I do.

    My hips are way too tight. I cant open them up sufficiently to allow myself to keep my tibia perpendicular to the floor. Which is also fking up my back angle. I was very close to 45 degrees on nearly all of the pulls.

    I think the thing that keeps coming up in all of my lifts is hip mobility. Obviously its a glaring need.

    Heading to the gym now for bench day. I'll update later and hopefully have a video or 2. Probably will do my last warmup and then the 270x1-4. Hopefully i can find a spotter.
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  20. Well, in contrast to squat day, today went pretty well. Got 270x4* (3rd rep was a little fast off the chest, still dont know if im going to count it or not). But, overall, my bench felt pretty good today. Still have a lot to work on, but a good day today with what my max was set at (275).

    *remember, My t&g max was 325x1 and 315x2 6 weeks ago. Lowered estimated max to 275 to start working on competition style pause benching. Maybe I went too conservative, but at least i got a decent 5 weeks in with practicing the pause and bringing my grip in.

    Todays workout is as follows:

    5/7/15 JC cycle 4 week 5 bench test:

    Weight: 217.5

    foam rolling quads/hams/glutes/adductors
    Lax ball glutes/hips/pecs/bis/delts
    Band external/internal rotations
    Band curls


    WU: bar x5 / 95x5 / 135x5 / 185x4 / 225x2 / 250 x 2
    Working set: 270x4 (rep 3 was a little fast off the chest, like i mentioned above).

    Video- http://youtu.be/pIbrjq2pO7c

    Seated DB Ohd Press: 70x8 / 75x5 / 70x6

    Dips: bwx12 / +medium chain x 8/ +large chain (30lb) x 8x2

    Machine flys: 105x12x3 (reps, sets)

    SA grenade cable triceps extensions: 50x12 / 50x10 / 30x15
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  21. Jswain's training log for powerlifting

    Set 2 sumo PRs today.

    5/8/15 JC cycle 4 week 5 DL test day

    Weight: 217.8


    Super D QL Release/hangs
    Usual foam roll/lax ball stuff
    Dynamic stretching
    Hip circle monster walks
    Reverse hypers: no added weight to pendulum x15
    (Forgot about the rotating KB deadlift, will probably test it out next week)

    Banded int/ext rotations & banded curls in between first 2 DL WU sets.

    Sumos: 135x4/225x4/315x4/405x2(in video)/445x2

    470x3* PR (in video), wasnt in the program to go up, but i said F it since ive had a ****ty squat cycle and am moving to RTS.

    505x1* PR (in video), almost said F it and went for 525 for the hell of it, but decided 2 PRs were good enough. Ill let RTS lead me to my all time PR.

    SsA1. Hip circle front squats:
    135x8/185x8/185x8, was really focusing on the hip circle and spreading the floor and knees. Could have done more if my focus was entirely on moving the weight.

    SsA2. Reverse hypers: +50x10x3

    Then hit some chest supported rows and lat pulldowns since they were programmed for after yesterday's bench day. I skipped them to keep my back fresh for today. 3 sets of each (x8, 6, 6)


    A few notes:

    1. my hip seems to only really bug me when i squat. Pretty much pain free today once i lax ball SMRd and did the dynamic stretching during warm ups.

    2. I think i really found my toe angle for sumos. Felt good today (i angled them out further today).

    Feel free to critique form or mention anything else you see to be worked on.
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  22. Good job stickin through that, man. Nice work

  23. Weirdly, one of the things im looking forward to RTS for most is to start front squatting again. I used to do them all of the time as an accessory on 5/3/1, but did them maybe twice the whole time on Candito.
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  24. Subd.

    Before DL and squat I like to do these:


    and I'll do BSS and lunges, pressing my hips outward to open them up. Hope that helps you some....

    I gotta catch up on those recent videos later.

    Nice numbers man.
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  25. Ive watched that video before, weird the only thing i took out of it was the kb fs when the other few exercises would likely benefit me more lol. I'll watch it again on my break at work later, just did a quick skim now.

    Thanks for dropping that video and the compliment, and welcome to the log. Glad to have you man
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