Steezys Back With a New Stack

  1. Steezys Back With a New Stack

    Hello, I have been off the forums for awhile now but I am have been training harder than ever and committed to a 1 year bear mode bulk and it has finally came to an end.

    Got strong AF!
    I have put on 25 pounds of hard dense fat.. and some muscle.

    I am thinking about this natty stack but I want to hear opinions from other people on how I should put these together or.. not to.

    ECA for 8 Weeks. (might extend 4 weeks if I still look like crap)
    Stop ECA
    True Shred + Alpha Lean 7 for 4 weeks. (unless its a waste kinda wanna try something different or use with ephedrine?? thoughtss?.)

    12 weeks total.

    Then recomping with
    Vector + Xgels for 8 weeks. (want to try xgels, and if there is a better natty stack for xgels feel free to recommend)

    Obvi, diet and cardio will be in check!

  2. I think the true shred + Alpha lean 7 would get you great results. Both products a lone have shown to give positive results. Then your recomp with vector and x gels will be nice as well. Two of my fav natty products! Like you said if diet and cardio are in check I think you will get some decent results from these runs.
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  3. cool excited to see what I can achieve this summer!

  4. seems like caffeine is in some of that stuff you will use after the eca stack

  5. yes it is! but im stopping the ECA after so it shouldnt matter



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