weight loss stack - non anabolic

  1. weight loss stack - non anabolic

    hey everyone -

    I had gotten all my gear for a stack - clen - van - winny but after talking to alot of people here I was strongly advised that with my lack of cardio and and lack of a strict diet that I get those on track and cut weight before starting.

    I have a decent supply of clen and thought that might be a good place to start solo. I wanted to get some advice on what (if anything) to stack with that non anabolic for now. Do use ephedrine on my off weeks/days? Curb my appetite? Should I focus my diet in a specific direction for weight loss?

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  2. weight loss stack - non anabolic

    Maybe we can get the experts in here to help @hairygrandpa @Demtcowboys

  3. I would definitely focus on cleaning up your diet and exercising consistently before you add in anything else. EC and clen are helpful for fat loss, but you need to be moving in the right direction first.

    I would dedicate the next 6-8 weeks and write down your plan (nutrition plan, lifting, cardio) and goals (ex: lose 20lbs by June) and take some time and improve your habits first. Clen/var/winny and others won't help if you don't begin with your plan and motivation level.

    If things go well and you can stay committed with your lifting, cardio, and nutrition - after 6-8 weeks I would add in EC only. The others are overkill and extreme, and to be honest not needed.

  4. DIet.

    Seriously until you get your diet in check at least 75-80% of the time, it wont matter how much crap you throw into a stack. you should be able to see at the very least outlines of abs before bothering with anything serious.
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