Whatís your preference for macros when cutting?

  1. Whatís your preference for macros when cutting?

    Currently Iím 35% protein, 35% carbs and 30% fats with protein and carbs both being 221g and fats being 84g per day and itís working well as Iíve lost 10lbs this way and no strength so far but I expect the weight loss to stagnate after awhile so Iíll drop carbs lower and raise fats and protein, and basically tot with my macros and start up fat loss again any time my diet stops working. Aside from this, whatíre your guys go toís for your cutting macros?

  2. That's exactly what I do as well. I will start my macros off somewhere around where you have them. Then once I hit a wall i lower carbs and increase protein and fats. Almost to where i'm doing keto toward the end of my cut.
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  3. Protein- 40%
    Fat- 35%

  4. I just set My calories and make changes through Progression.

  5. I use similar macros. I use the exact same diet as when in a surplus only reduce the easy to adjust foods as and when I need to.

  6. Set protein based on Lean Body Mass, the rest of calories are split weighing towards carbs on training days and fats on rest days.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by exrugger View Post
    Protein- 40%
    Fat- 35%
    Iím somewhere around here as well.

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  8. Most effective is high protein but I normally go high fat medium protein low carbs year round to stay lean.

    A high protein diet with lower fat abs carbs is extremely boring. I don't count calories or macros but I belive I'm around 4k year round with protein between 200-315 depending on if I'm on Cycle or not, carbs around 250 and fat 160+

  9. Not a fan of percentages.

    I set protein based on body weight. Then carbs based on activity and fill the rest with fat.

    Starts decent fats but when I need to drop calories most comes from fat to start.

  10. 50-60% protein, I adjust carbs/fat depending


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