stimulant tolerance while in ketosis

  1. stimulant tolerance while in ketosis

    the last time I did keto, I remember ephedrine caffeine stack affecting me wayyy more than usual. i also remember reading something about stimulants being more active while you're in ketosis. Does anyone know if this is true? I was thinking of going on keto again and am hoping this is a thing

  2. Cant say ive noticed that. Then again, ive always been very stim tolerant.
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  3. I know some stimulants like Alpha Y get blunted by sugar. That could play a role

  4. I never noticed ephedrine having a greater effect from a stim perspective, but definitely yohimbine and alpha-y.
    Everything (thermogenics, cardio, more sleep, etc.) seems to speed fat loss results for me while in ketosis though

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