Permanent shrinking fat cells

  1. Permanent shrinking fat cells

    For me love handles are a nightmare.. Even when I go down to 8% they are still a little visible.
    The problem is that when I start increasing calories, the fat goes first in that area and it becomes really visible. I would be fine even with 12% bf, but this problem stops me from having longer bulking periods.
    I was wondering if there is any solution which could help me to "permanently" shrink fat cells when I'm already lean, making it harder to gain fat while bulking.

  2. It could be possible you just have naturally wider hips. I know my hip structure is a little wider than average. If you're that lean, I think it is going to be your bone structure.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by AntM1564 View Post
    It could be possible you just have naturally wider hips. I know my hip structure is a little wider than average. If you're that lean, I think it is going to be your bone structure.
    It's not really that.. If I pinch my belly fat is 4-5mm, while love handles are 15mm

  4. Were you ever very overweight in the past?

    I ask simply as we can create more fat cells when very overweight but never lose them so fat regain for ex fatties is easier (I’m in that boat by the way).

    If that’s not it then Ant is most likely correct. I don’t believe there is any way to permanently shrink fat cells. Making sure you are only in a very small surplus, using a GDA or being on cycle would make fat gain on a bulk minimal.....

  5. Yea I was overweight, not obese, but maybe 20% (mostly still in mid area)

  6. Evomuse, @dsade has some interesting products regarding fat cells. Brite, HyperNova to name a few.

  7. How did you assess that you were at 8% bodyfat? Typically when you are in the sub-10% level, almost all subcutaneous fat is gone and the small percentage left is essential visceral fat. You shouldn't have 15mm skinfolds anywhere if you are at a true 8%BF.

    If you are cutting and that is the last area to go, I would recommend adding in yohimbine and doing fasted cardio to see if that can mobilize the stubborn fat areas to get rid of it. I've found LISS + y-hcl to be my best weapon against stubborn fat areas.

  8. Ofc when I was 8% skinfold on that site wasn't 15mm, but still around 8mm.

    Already tried your solution, but not as big difference

  9. You can cause apoptosis, but it would be a massive challenge to keep fat cells alive and not expect to do they are there to do. Kill them or don’t, but I wouldn’t try to reason with them. That being said, it supposedly takes about two years to lower your bodyfat set point. Again, liposuction, freezing, injecting poison may kill some, but they can always split and multiply, and will do so like rabbits. Adipotide, if it ever makes it makes it to the market, may be your best bet for a problem area. Time and hormonal changes can have an effect of fat distribution patterns but generally not for the better. They mostly just shrink and grow, and are doing so all the time. Hit the Beta’s and block the Alpha 2’s and eventually there will be no other place to go for energy. Except your liver, muscles and heart, but it’s a rough sport. Seriously, this can be a devastaing problem that I have tried all kinds of ways to solve when prepping women for shows. It is heartbreaking to watch them switch genders in order to get adequate definition in their hips and butt. At natural shows it is horrible to see an upper body that is sharper than any guy with a fat butt. You can’t ‘unsee’ that butt. Of course, it is probably more horrible for them than me. But I ‘boooo’ just the same. Someone has to get them off the stage. You feel me? Please don’t do that. Thanks.

  10. It may have to do with your insulin sensitivity. GDAs are a good supplement for helping with that, but I would look into the 5/2 Diet on T Nation's site. I can't post the link because I haven't posted enough, lol. This approach could help with your insulin sensitivity naturally. I think I've got wide hips, too, but I also tend to hold more fat on my sides despite having visible abs. I'm on the second week of the 5/2 diet and, although it is too early to make any conclusions, I've noticed that on my lifting days where are eat more carbs I get less bloat/gas and a ridiculous pump. The scale weight isn't going down very much, if at all, and I'm starting to lean out a bit, especially around my hips. Could be worth checking out.

  11. OP, I'm gonna get a little weird here, but I tried this for a similar problem and it seemed to help. Wear ice packs on your flanks for like an hour for a couple months. Seriously. If you want to read the science behind it you can google "cryolipolysis." There are plenty of pseudo plastic surgeons who are trying to make money off of this, and the results are subtle and extremely slow at best, but it sort of works and it's pretty easy to do. I used "FlexiFeeze Cold Therapy" off amazon, 20 bucks.

    Like I said, it's subtle, slow and happens in the background, but it's the closest thing to spot reduction outside of lipo. Also, this will not replace the other topics in the thread, e.g. dieting.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by cubsfan815 View Post
    Evomuse, @dsade has some interesting products regarding fat cells. Brite, HyperNova to name a few.
    Yes and yes. Beat me to it exactly.

  13. Thanks guys. I'll try to make some blood test to find out if I have any insulin resistance (I think so) and then I might go for some supps you suggested.
    Also will give a look at ice packs therapy, but I knew in order for cold to kill far it has to be much lower than what our freezer can do

  14. Hypernova may really help. Hypernova can be applied to a spot and it stays local, penetrates the skin, and will help convert white fat cells to brown fat cells while also reducing their insulin sensitivity.

    The ice packs are a good option but we are talking a very very excruciatingly slow process. It will take months with this method to lose a few millimeters.

    Insulin, cortisol and testosterone levels can all effect this as well. How old are you?

    I am the same way. Spare tire around my waist grows first and it grows fast.
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  15. If you have hip fat at 8% I doubt your at 8%. That’s veins on the abs.

    But yes I guess you can permanently kill fat cells. Cold adaptation speeds it up and fasting causes cell apaptosis.

    Other wise it takes several years to do.


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