What am I doing wrong?

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  1. Ughh update lol:

    So I have been using the topical pre- workout with the sweat belt on consistently. My new workout schedule looks like this:

    Monday: 15 mins, moderate pace, stair climber, then abs.
    Tuesday - boxing gym routine -at least 7 rounds on heavy bags, jump rope, pad work, some pushups and abs.
    Wednesdays - legs + glutes day, usually choose 5 different workouts with heavy dumbells (side lunges, split squats, hip thrusts, one legged deadlifts, etc...).
    Thursday - just morning abs (intense) + rest day
    Friday - boxing workout day, usually a more intensified workout.
    Saturday - arms + abs focus day in the gym with equipment and dumbbells.
    Sunday - usually go for long walk and morning abs.

    My diet has recently not been the best, but I still kept the fats low and make sure I get my daily protein. I have just been eating a bit more since my appetite spiked last month.

    Sadly, my belly still looks the same, but my skin looks soo much better. I think my belly is just going to require surgical intervention in the future I would get a personal trainer, but for the amount of money, I'm worried that I won't get the results I want. Some women are able to get their bodies back after having a baby (or even a few) through hard work. Some women have that problem where they just can't. I knew a woman who ran marathons and workout like crazy and could never lose that belly pouch. I honestly think it's a genetic issue beyond just losing fat.

    Well on the bright side - I LOVE how toned my arms, back, and shoulders are looking, my stamina level is better than it's ever been. My butt and legs look improved in shape, although they are an easy target for me. My skin is improving all over since I cut down on fatty food. My acne is finally cleared (YAY!!). And yes, I can vacuum my belly inwards, and you can see cut abs and obliques. It just sucks I can't get rid of this pouch covering those nice sculpted muscles.

  2. First let me welcome you to this progressive forum. I am sure you will get plenty of people in almost the same predicament you have found yourself in but who have gotten help and encouragement here. Back to your discussion, your training is fantastic. I like the way you switch from boxing to lifting to kickboxing. I have no doubt that you will lose weight and develop lean muscles. Also, your diet looks great and is balanced. But my worries are the calories and the macros you are consuming. You need to weigh your calories and ensure that you donít surpace the recommended amount. Just commit yourself to this and you will see the belly fats melt away.

  3. Too much calories too little energy used. Macros doesn't matter, looking at your diet I believe you're eating too much plain sugar and too much fat combined which is guaranteed fat added. It's the quality of food not the macros itself that matters.


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