Hollywood transformations

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Lift Lion View Post
    Buy gear?
    Lol. It was kind if rhetorical....sort of. But you are right on step 1.

  2. Loads of people at my gym take gear and look like ****
    I am a carnivore (diet based exclusively on meat)- Here is my diet and training log

  3. It's obvious the Rock is a heavier user, I remember when he leaned down to maybe 200lb-ish as he wanted more serious roles and not the stereotypical muscle head but after he really got no where, it was all "creatine" and now look at where he is......
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by AlexPowell View Post
    Loads of people at my gym take gear and look like ****

  5. Big facts

  6. Quote Originally Posted by mugger View Post
    Brother, the ones that do are obvious. I think it's the reason what's his name, Hugh Jackman, says he's quitting Wolverine. He just doesn't have to go through the BS to get big and cut at his age.
    He said jokingly that he loves to eat, and playing Wolverine for the past 17+ years, he had to maintain that physique, and who wouldn't for the money he was getting. But, as you can tell, he was def. super juiced especially in his earlier movies. Even in Logan, he let himself go a little bit for the part, but he was still bulking..

  7. Gear and tons of it. If you don’t look good on AAS you are pathetic and should end it.

  8. Here is the thing you hae to remember, these people most likely are on special supplements but if smart, hire chefs/cooks etc that literally just put meals in front of them..."dont question it" just eat........

    I am clean and wish I had a personal chef that would put meals in front of me every 2-4 hours...
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