How many calories does lifting burn

  1. How many calories does lifting burn

    How many calories would burn on like a 30 set chest workout?

  2. No one can give you an amount, there are too many independent variables.
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  3. Depends how hard you go and which exercises you do

  4. Is this all done in one hour.

  5. Super sets? Strength training? Rest periods? Tell us what you do

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Bigmatt57 View Post
    How many calories would burn on like a 30 set chest workout?
    That depends on your weight lean muscle mass exercises your u do intensity you train at so if you add all that up it equals “nobody will be able to give you the correct answer”

  7. Significantly less than you are probably thinking OP

  8. I work out for unusually an hour with 10 or 30 seconds between. No long breaks except for water. I work up a drenching sweat every time.... If you stay on your phone between sets you don't really get the bit of cardio in there.

  9. I don't think there's a general rule if its important to you wear a heart rate monitor and track it to work out your AVG heart rate / calories burned


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