Motiv8erís Fatloss 2018 Evomuse/Epitome/Brite/Hypernova

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    Your pic a minute before shows better progress. But your definetly getting there. Your love handles flare out more in the second pic
    Appreciate the observation. The biggest issue I have to conquer, is not bingeing at night. Iím doing much better than I did, but I can f up a good diet in ten minutes flat! Eating a halo top at night, helps to at least keep that nasty binge habit a little more in check.
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  4. SUB!

  5. Still debating forever now about pulling the trigger on brite? Have not seen a review that completely sells me on it. Same with epitome, but the owner and maker is the best.

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    I appreciate the support! I can see some gradual leaning of my love handles- which is really encouraging!
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  9. I see some progress in the chest and obliques area!

  10. Hey man...are you still taking the evomuse stack?
    How did you find Hypernova and epitome?

  11. Awesome! I'm following this since I been on the Eviscerate Smolder and thinking of trying something else after. I am logging my results and measurements on my phone and a journal and will be sharing my whole journey.


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