Puking after Clen ?

  1. Puking after Clen ?

    So i took 40mcg of clen on empthy stomach at around 10:30am, after a while i had a headache i dont if it was the clen or if i had just didnt sleep well the previous night.
    At around 2:30pm i started having a stomachache, i thought maybe it was i hadnt eat anything. At 3:00pm so i ate a chocolate bar, two boiled eggs and one tomato. My stomach dint get any better, at around maybe 4:00pm i puked and after that my stomach was fine, i was gagging a bit but only that. At around 10:00-10:30pm i my headache was torelable and at 11:00 i was back at full strength.
    Didnt have at all any hand tremors, and didnt notice a spike at temperature.

    Given this information how should i proceed? Or should i just stop it?

  2. No one?

  3. I'd double the dosage. Sometimes more is better.

    J.k. You should know your body and u be the judge. I started EC stack last month and I take thyroid T2 meds. In couple of days, my heart rate was running sky high even while resting. I threw out the stack . And I've taken several cycles of EC some years ago (but I wasn't diagnosed with thyroid disorder back then). All natural now. Losing weight/fat is a bytch but I'd rather do it the safer way without killing myself or ending up with long term medical effects.

    If your body is telling you something, listen to it. Don't be that dood who took 200mg of ephedra and died the next day.

  4. Iíve always tolerate clen very well. But recently read an in depth article on the long side effects and now reconsidering it . I guess you can always try it again in a few days and see if you respond the same

  5. Should i use the same dose or lower it?

  6. I'll just drink the whole bottle

    I'll try it again and see if it happens again i guess.


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