keep/add muscle while losing fat

  1. keep/add muscle while losing fat

    How many calories carbs and protein should i be taking in if i want to lose a little bit of fat but pack on muscle at the same?...doing 30 min cardio 3 times a week eating pretty decent. Eating eggs tuna talapia chicken breasts veggies some fruit brown rice isopure rtds zero carb protein pudding cheesesticks and taking assault...concret...and dandelion root ...any suggestons?

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  3. id suggest a ketostyle diet 400 above maintence on workoutdays (maintence meaning you body weight x 13 no activity factor included)

    and at maintanence on NON workout, but doing low intensity cardio.

  4. I managed to lose 4 pounds of fat while gaining 2 pounds a muscle each month by using intermittent fasting and a calorie surplus.

    Simply alternate days of fasting with no food at all and a 3500 calorie diet. I was amazed at my results because it was like bulking and cutting at the same time.

    Intermittent fasting isn't for everybody but after using intermittent fasting for the past 6 months I wouldn't go back to dieting.

  5. yea IF works good for protocol i mentioned. how i do it.

  6. i like fasting and loading. Cadio days fasting, lifting days loading. Allows you to eat bad sh!t sometimes so you can still manage to stay on a diet and lets you still build some NEW muscle. Then the fasting days (1400-2200cals max) you hit cardio hard. loading days (2600-3600cals, mainly protein) lift hard & heavy

  7. Interesting concepts...... are the macros around a 40/30/30 protien/fat/carbs? no matter what the cal intake is?

  8. Try doing HIIT training for your cardio sessions. This should help with target more fat loss quicker than other cardio workouts.

  9. I think it all depends on your current body weight. But the rule of thumb is that you multiply your weight by 16 calories. So if weigh 100 pounds, Yu should eat 1600 calories. If you are 200 pounds eat 3200 calories…..

  10. High protein medium carbs low fat or high protein medium fat low carbs is the most effective.

    It's very hard to say the calorie intake. Im right now at 200 with low bodyfat which is a struggle to maintain since my body wants to go up. I eat around 4000 year round, cutting I drop down the carbs and end up at 3500.

    More muscle = more metabolism.
    More exercise = more metabolism.

    Eating clean diet at 3000 calories isn't the same as a ****ty diet at 3000 calories.

    Start by counting what you eat during the next 3 days, weigh the food and you'll have somewhat an idea how you're maintaining weight.


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