Starting over after 3 years...

  1. Starting over after 3 years...

    In 2005 I graduated college at a very impressive and very lean 250 lbs. Medical problems have made it very hard to lift so I have pretty much given it up as of now.

    I need help in deciding a way to get back in shape. I am currently 26 yrs old and weighing in at about 275, not lean and not very muscular. One of my difficulties is the fact that I have a condition in my left hand where an irritated (f*cked up) vein causes extreme pain when I lift, especially on exercises like bench or deads which put alot of weight/pressure on the hand.

    I am looking to trim back to around 225 and stay lean. I am not so concerned with becoming a monster anymore, but I just want to get back into shape and maintain it. I have used every supplement under the sun in my day and it seems all the new stuff is less effective as the PH's available during that time period.

    Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

  2. Well good nutrition is going to b a must, there r definately no miracle supps out there. They help but solid eating habits r a must. I know a couple of people who lost alot of weight threw running and lifting very lightly. CAn u lift low weight high reps?

  3. Honestly, I have been out of the game so long that I will have to use low weight. Certain exercises, mostly pushing, irritates the crap out of my bad hand.

    I know how to diet. I have went from 307 to 209 in about 20 months. Then from 209 up to 275 in about 20 more months. My favorite cardio is mountain biking, but I have pretty much stopped doing that too.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Boss_K View Post
    very impressive and very lean 250 lbs.
    Damn!! How tall are you?

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