Ahhhh to be back in it....

  1. Ahhhh to be back in it....

    Well boys I just hit the gym tonight for the first time in 2.5 years. Since then I have let myself go....real bad. Right now I am 5'8.5 (lol) at about 205lbs. My gut is about a 37, I know sad. I just did a quick workout upper body only. The poudages were way off but not as bad as some of my other gym members. FL DB's I just did 55lbs but I could have go as high as 80's. Shoulders DB I did 40lbs but again I could have gone up another 20lbs or so. Did some curls, dips and pull-ups (gravathingy). I am way off my best days. 335 BP and 130 DB shoulders for 4, bent over rows with 265lbs for a set.
    OK here's the plan! Next week I will be in full swing with the lifting. I will also be doing Swolecats SG diet. I figure to run this for around three months or so. Supps are NYC from YJ source, (thanks YJ ) And I might throw in some T-3 a few times, but not many. I am not using any PH's or anything of that nature. When I am done I going to try IA's method and see what happens. Alright now to my problem. I am thinking about doing the Max-OT during my cutting phase but i am tempted just to say **** it and dive into one of IA's programs. What do you guys think? I should also mention that my above PB's were done with a Ahnold type of training and a real crappy diet (box of lucky Charms, milkshakes and etc). My chest day looked like this:

    FB 4set 0f 8-10
    IB 4 sets 8-10
    DB 3 set 8-10
    flyes 3 set 8-10
    Yeah I know I am a product of the Weider's (@#$%#@ *******s) Any help would be great.

  2. good luck, and welcome back to the land of the healthy--or not lazy

  3. ya bro...welcome back. jus take it easy and dont try to max out...you dont wanna injure yourself...and you'll be up to speed before you know it. believe me i've made a career out of startin over.....u may have already seen it but if not..check out dez's thread where he shares his story...it'll get ya motivated to do your best....i dont know how to put up the link here but its in the off topic section...good luck bro and welcome back!

  4. yeah, right on... don't get discouraged with the lowered weights and try to quickly up the poundages in response... take every precaution to ensure you're progressing at the right speed, nothing sucks worse than getting back into lifting and ripping or separating something (trust me)... good luck!

  5. Thanks bro's!



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