Training headaches

  1. Training headaches

    The last couple weeks I've developed a headache during training sessions. The first time it came on very sudden during the tail end of a set of heavy breathing squats. It felt like my brain was pushing out of my skull. The headache didn't fade until the following day and so I backed off the intensity for the next few workouts but noticed as soon as I push hard with working sets it returns with a vengeance. Unlike the first occurence it fades a couple hours after a workout. I've trained on and off for 15 years and never had headaches from training before now. Is it something that typically goes away in time and anyone else experience this?

  2. Never experienced but it could be bp. Could be related to a preworkout if you’re taking one but could also be unrelated. Have you checked bp?
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  3. Yeah I should have mentioned I'm not taking any stimulants or drugs. I took my BP during peak intensity training and returned 160/67. At rest I'm at 115-120. I don't usually monitor BP during training so never established a baseline.

  4. Are you hydrated enough? I get pounding headaches when I haven't had enough fluids that day

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