Tall guy training for size

  1. Tall guy training for size

    Had to take a few months off for school. Regretting it now because it was a time management thing and I could have kept training, just havenít been in school in years and didnít want to take a risk.

    Iím 6í3
    Over the year I seem to respond better to higher reps. On the high end of hypertrophy range. Ex: a set of 5 latpulls does nothing for growth... I do one nonetheless during my 4 sets to increase my strength, but my money shot lies about 12-15 reps, pumps and gains.

    Iíve had some results with DC training.
    5x5 intrigues me but I donít feel Iíve seen as much sheer muscle gain there. Iím willing to try again though.

    I just want the most size I can get. I stuck to compounds of course, especially first thing.

    Any split recommends?

    As of now:

    Open to something different if you are lanky and have seen results with anything over the years. Split/Reps/Sets - much appreciated.

  2. Hey. Iím 6í 6Ē and Iíve grown mainly doing my own power building/bodybuilding programming. But Iíve recently started doing John Meadows programs and I am loving them. Iíve done Creeping Death 1, Creeping Death 2, and Gamma Bomb. I am currently doing Project Colossus right now and like it pretty well so far.

    I have Aaron Reeds Low Volume program 1 but havenít tried it. Heís around 6í 7Ē.

  3. I’m 6’2 and feel like I do better in that 12-15 range as well. That said, I progressively add weight almost every workout, so my reps gradually come down as I add weight. Once I get below 8 reps, I keep the weight the same. If I can’t get the reps up in another workout or two, I take some weight off and work back into that 15ish range and start adding weight and working the rep range back down again.

    I personally like full body workouts always felt like I’ve gotten my best results with them. As for 5x5, I did that for a while years ago. I liked it, good for strength and conditioning but I didn’t add size with that. It’s good for having that lean, angular, athletic build.
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  4. No matter how I slice it, I always seem to grow best at about one rep short of overuse injury.
    Do as I say, not as I do.

  5. Im 6ft2

    training varies, sometimes ill do lower reps in the 6-8 range , sometimes higher like 10-12
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  6. Thank you guys as always. I recall looking over Aaron Reeds stuff. I like his approach, other than advertising a natural status. Silence is preferred imo.
    I subíd his YouTube stuff and Iíve wanted to pay for JMís stuff for a while. Now over 40, maybe his approach would work well too. I started back with a lot more Deads this time around overall better ROM.
    Again, I appreciate you all.

  7. The number one thing Iíve found that keeps me growing and not hurting my shoulders EVERY SINGLE TIME I TRAIN CHEST.... Or elbows when doing back or curling...

    Avoid the areas within the ROM which cause excessive joint stress, the bottom and top of the bench press, the bottom of a Curl, etc. no need to lockout.
    Do as I say, not as I do.

  8. All I get from doing full ROM is more pain.
    Do as I say, not as I do.

  9. I think your split looks good. Why did you stop DC training? Were you following the diet and doing the stretching?
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  10. Having long limbs can be quite the issue but I still have great results within the power and strength rep range. If lat pull downs arenít giving you what you need, try weighted pull-ups and vary the eccentric. Tempo induces stress like no other. Johns programs are amazing but to gain that size training in strength and hyper trophy will give the best results.

    Iím 6í3 without shoes and believe me, if your eating and sleeping right the mass will come. I couldnít believe the weight I got up to this winter.
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