Opinions on Binaural Beats?

  1. Opinions on Binaural Beats?

    Iíve discovered this recently and itís honestly intriguing. Iíve used beats in the best to help sleep but not to grow muscle lol. I think itís bs but many people online are fond of it such as helping them achieve passing their plateau and stuff like that. It may be placebo. Anyone ever try this?

  2. The mind is a powerful tool, that being said I wouldn't put much faith in noticing any particular difference in muscle growth from Binaural Beats alone... maybe you will get some placebo effect and train harder, which would in turn make your muscles grow? haha dunno

  3. Wavelenghts have been studied for some time and are said to produce some amazing physiological and psychological effects. In my workspace when some of us of like minds are together we listen to harmonic sounds because it helps us focus; relax, and aid in our consistency. It's really pretty amazing and pardon the pun, beats some of the music
    others put on.

    The mind / muscle connection is not so far fetched. Stress produces cortisol no? Reduce stress, reduce cortisol. Store less fat. What's so odd about growing more muscle or preserving more on a deficit?

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  4. Iíve heard of binaural beats. But I never found them particularly helpful. They may help, but I donít think youíll get noticeable/significant results from them. I bet you could make better gains with creatine and protein imo

  5. I use them, but tbh the real thing to look into is an ices unit (pemfish) I haven't used mine for training, but holy crap when I set it to delta wave patterns and lay it behind my head at night, I am out. It has resulted in the deepest sleep I have had in the longest time.
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  6. I prefer hypnosis myself. I dont think binaurals have much effect on me personally. But dont mind if the hypnosis creator adds or uses low volume binaurals in the background.


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