Review my full body workout and give some advice/feedback

  1. Review my full body workout and give some advice/feedback

    I was out of the gym for the past three months more or less, doing some bodyweight work here and there. Now that I'm back to my base and able to go to my gym I would like to build a 3 days full body workout program and I would like some help.

    In my mind it looks like this:

    Day 1
    Front squat
    Leg extensions (2x15)
    DB incline
    Cable flyes (2x15)
    Pull Ups
    High cable pull (2x15)
    Overhead press
    Rear delts (2x15)
    Barbell curls
    Close grip bench
    DB Shrugs
    Standing cable crunches

    Day 2
    Hack squat
    Bench press
    Meadows rows
    DB press
    DB curls
    Triceps pushdown
    DB shrugs
    Leg raises

    Day 3
    Leg press
    Overhead press
    EZ-bar curls
    Close grip bench
    DB shrugs
    Decline crunches

    I would like some advice on what to remove/add and how to plan the sets/reps in order to have a rotation.

    Day 2 & 3 workouts take about 1 hour to finish with moderate sets/reps. After the first four exercises I use lower weight 2x15 usually for the isolation work, so I am wondering how should I plan the sets/reps of the compound exercises.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. A bit too much going on. You donít need a press on all 3 days, something like day 1 = incline, 2 = flat, 3 = press. All 3 hit your delts, you need to think of compounds that hit multiple muscles. This is a day for instance =

    Squat 3x6-8 (quads, hams, glutes)
    Incline 3x8 (chest, DELTS, triceps)
    BB row 3x10 (mid, lats, traps, biceps)
    Rdl 3x10 (hams, Glutes, lower back)

    Then you could add the fluff on, I like to do side/rear delt raise and arm supersets.

  3. Thanks for the feedback, will definitely take that into account.

    So, you think that it is ok to decide for sets/reps per exercise and not per day, as it is laid out on your example in contrast to, say day 1 5x5, day 2 4x6-8 etc. If that makes any sense.

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