Weight Training 2x Daily

  1. Weight Training 2x Daily

    Something I had done in the past was hit the gym first thing after breakfast and then again two hours before bed. I did seem to recover somehow (enhanced) but I donít see too many guys out there believing this to be true or claiming to be using this training method. Jay Cutler being one notable guy training twice a day at certain times. Dallas McCarver being another.

    I found even as a beginner I benefitted from a week on week off of training twice daily five times a week as long as I split up the routine appropriately, ate enough food and took a long snooze between sessions. I may not have grown faster but strength seemed to improve more rapidly. Once I started using gear it just changed things for the better, obviously.

    Anybody out there lifting twice or more a day? How do you recover? Is that year round or do you cycle training frequency?
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  2. If I train twice a day, I will rest the following day. My Macros intake would be higher the day before and the day after training.

  3. I used to before i had kids now im too busy. Also used to do crossfit 6am the bjj, muay thai, mma at 530pm 6 days a week. That was all before gear too. Dont know how i did it lol

  4. Iíve gone through periods of time where I was doing two to three sessions a day. I would keep the length of the sessions shorter, but found I could be more intense. You need to be able to sleep and get in the right nutrition to support that regimen and that is the hardest part. If you have the time and resources to make it happen, you should do well with it.
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  5. Gear helps, especially with the names you gave as example. But being young helps too. If you can make it work, I say run with it for as long as you can and enjoy the benefits.
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  6. I dabbled with multiple training sessions a day years ago. Progress was similar to once a day training but it was a whole lot more inconvenient making two trips to the gym.

  7. I’ve done two a days before. The second session I go for small body parts and light weights. I prefer one session a day and going as hard as possible, though. Never went twice a day with legs however, some do love to split hams and quads

  8. Quote Originally Posted by ericos_bob View Post
    I dabbled with multiple training sessions a day years ago. Progress was similar to once a day training but it was a whole lot more inconvenient making two trips to the gym.
    Having some equipment at home is a must for this, unless you live extremely close to your gym or have a very free schedule.

    Not a big deal to bench in the morning before work and come back for some Db and band work in the evening when you only need to walk out to the garage. When itís 30+ min round trip like most people have to drive, it blows.
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  9. When I did, I was feeling super tired. First session was at 5AM then off to work and the second at 3PM and the off to work again. I did it because when I got back for work I had only an hour to rest before I left again, so I couldnt relax or it would be very tough for me to leave again. I didnt grow faster as I had 6h sleep at night and the rest of the time at work. Also nutrition was by far not optimal. I remember though, by the time I was in bed it took me a few seconds to fall asleep. There were times that I didnt even make to cover myself with a blanket, I was already asleep. The only thing I gained was to toughen myself.
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