PPL vs Upper lower??

  1. PPL vs Upper lower??

    what do you prefer and why? coming from a bro kind of split ( wasn't full bro....but ill just leave It at that lol), but wanting to start a new program and was debating whether to do a ppl or upper/lower. I was leaning towards PPL 6 days a week with one of these programs attached. please give me your opinion/ results/ program you ran...etc. thanks!
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  2. I like PPL but my schedule is all messed up right now so I do Chest/Shoulders/Biís, Back/Triís/Shoulders, Legs/forearms. Iím weird I know. PPL is great though, better than the bro split imo.

  3. I find upper/lower splits naturally gravitate towards being push/pull/legs type splits due to deadlifts not really fitting in u/l as well as training the chest shoulders, arms and back in the same workout being a lot of volume to complete in a single session
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