Opinions on training routine

  1. Opinions on training routine

    Hey guys,
    So i was lurking in this forum for quite a while now and decided to get a second opinion before i start my bulk in 2 weeks, training on and off for around 2 years already, 160lbs, 178cm, 18 years old, around 15% bf, planned to eat around 3k calories. I have a slight scoliosis, around 23, according to my doc i can squat, deadlift and whatever i want, but iam not so sure about it, never squated/deadlifted, only tried it out a few times, didnt have problems with it, only in the mirror, my body seemed to have an uneven load. I was planning my training routine and thought of training 5-6 times per week, as i have holidays and could probably pull it off recovery wise. For supplements i have 2 tubs of Vector and Alphamax, for staples pretty much only Creatine HCl and half a bottle of Multivitamine. I was thinking about a Push, Pull, Legs(with Abs)-routine.
    For pull:
    Deadlifts, Pullups, Lat-Pulldowns, Cable Rows, Shrugs, Facepulls, Barbell Curls, Dumbbell Curls, Hangs (for grip strength)
    For push:
    Bench Press, incline Dumbell Bench Press, decline Barbell Bench Press, Cable Crossover, Seated Dumbbell Shoulder press, Shoulder Press Machine, Dumbbell Lat Raise, Close Grip Benchpress, Rope Push Down, Dips
    For Legs:
    Squats, Leg Press, Dumbbell Lunges, Cable Crunches, Hanging Knee Raises

    I would be training like this:
    Push, pull, rest day, legs, push, pull, rest day, legs
    Any tips would be nice. Do you think i would be overtraining with that routine?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Ebook.chaosandpain.com this book on training is awesome.. I've been enjoying it this week

  3. I’d like to see something focused on hamstrings and glutes as accessory work on leg day personally.

    Rdl’s, good mornings or GHD’s would be my choices.

    Otherwise looks solid enough. To be honest though any program followed consistently at your age should get you results. Make sure you watch videos and learn the movements before you start to try and ram up the weight. Slow progressive overload with solid form is fine.
  4. Opinions on training routine

    Get rid of the lat pulldowns and shrugs. Make sure the cable rows are high rows with an overhand/pronated grip, pretty much everything youre programming is working on muscles that internally rotate your humerus. External rotators need love too - lots of it. Your shoulders and posture will thank you years from now. On this same note, look up how to properly do a face pull. Tony gentilcore is a great reference and has an awesome article on facepulls. Dont go too heavy and sit there humping the weight and arching through your lower back just so you can use more weight.

    It depends on how many sets you're doing, but you dont need 3 different types of bench press then 2 shoulder presses and close grip benching after. Pick a few bang for your buck exercises, go hard on them while maintaining good technique, leave and recover. You are 18, you surely havent been training long enough to need as much volume as it looks like youre going to try to put yourself through (on your push day anyway). Its a common mistake rookies and even seasoned lifters make when designing programs for themselves - pushing is fun for a lot of us. But that doesnt mean more is better.

    Add in some hamstring work like Whisky said. Look at your push day vs your leg day...dont be that guy. If you have a GHR thats a great start for hammy volume. I also love single leg DB SLDL/RDLs.

    Also, as whisky mentioned, any program is likely to yield results at your age. With that in mind i would find a beginner program online and use that as reference. Programmed progression is all you are going to need, and im willing to bet you will do a **** job at that compared to a tried and true program that is out there (I used 5/3/1 when I started lifting so im a bit biased towards that one). Not trying to be an ass, its just a pretty safe assumption to make. If you find a program that doesnt exceed your ability to recover, follow it to a T. Dont add more, dont do less, let the program work. Put in the hard work over time and you will see change, its really that simple.
    Training log:


  5. Next door to my gym is a mechanic shop and the lady that owns it has the most severe scoliosis you've ever seen
    She comes in and does deadlifts each day

    As far as your training goes, I would recommend reducing the number of exercises that you do and increasing the number of sets instead.
    When you stop progressing on exercises you will need to switch them for others. If you're already doing a lot of exercises then you'll find it hard to switch them out for other exercises. Perhaps do 2-4 exercises
    I am a carnivore (diet based exclusively on meat)- Here is my diet and training log

  6. Thanks for the replies! I'll add the romanian deadlift, reduce the overall volume of the push workout, any good exercises for the external rotators, exept face pulls? I have slight forward shoulders, so i guess thats because i wasnt really doing anything for the external rotators, only started doing face pulls a few weeks ago and i was also doing way more volume on pushdays, in comparison to pulldays. As for the glute ham raise, can i do it on a hyper/back extensions machine? Also what are the pro/cons of the GHR in comparison to hyperextensions?
    Thanks in advance!


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