Your current routine

  1. Your current routine

    I love seeing other peopleís routine. Gives me new ideas. Iím currently lean bulking, 4 days a week with 2 days HIIT cardio with my wife and dog. Let me know what you guys got!

  2. Just a standard 4 day upper lower split. First time training each muscle group twice a week. Itís a different feel. I do cardio on off days if I feel it is necessary.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by BlockBuilder View Post
    Just a standard 4 day upper lower split. First time training each muscle group twice a week. Itís a different feel. I do cardio on off days if I feel it is necessary.
    Iím basically doing a modified push/pull/Legs

    A- push
    b - pull
    C - legs
    D - back/chest

  4. John Meadows Taskmaster.

  5. I feel like the upper lower is really doing good things for my legs. Legs are my weak point. My upper body grows very well and too easily. Legs are extremely stubborn people just donít get it

  6. Back bis calves
    Chest shoulders tris and
    Shoulders abs calves
    Arms abs calves

    Can't lie I've been skipping the abs on alot of these workouts though.... And cardio I basically walk for an hour everyday that is sunny and get my tan on lol

  7. Currently running a PHAT/Fortitude hybrid. There were aspects of each I did and didnt like.

    Day1: Upper power + lower pump day (no failures)
    Day2: Lower power + upper pump day (no failures)
    Day3: Back hypertrophy (failure, rest-pause, drop sets etc)
    Day4: Chest/arms hypertrophy (failure...)
    Day5: Shoulders hypertrophy (failure...)
    Day6: Legs hypertrophy (failure...)
    Day7: Off

    Can generally run it for 6-8 weeks before needing deload or switching to lower frequency protocol.

  8. Push Pull Legs , heavy on Sun Mon Tues and more hypertrophy on Thurs Fri Sat . Working great for my cut .

  9. Back

    Geared towards volume. 50-64 sets per muscle group each week. Reps between 10-15. 50-60% of 1 rm mostly.

  10. Madcow 5x5

  11. Since ive decided to take a break from shows i train 2 on 1 off
    Day 1 back light bis
    Day 2 chest light tris
    Day 3 off
    Day 4 legs
    Day 5 delts
    Instead of my second day off i bang out arms.

    Abs ed low reps heavy weight 40 to 60 mins cardio. Still do dogcrapp stretches each day.

  12. jim stoppani shortcut to shred been having back problems haven't trained in almost 2 months Dr said I should drop some lbs figured I'd give it a shot
    I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength

  13. Switched this up and basically doing a push pull legs variations with some extras throw in

    Chest Shoulders Tris
    Back Bis
    Chest Shoulders Tris
    Back Bis
    Shoulders Arms

    Been throwing in calves and abs periodically. The day 7 leg day is the first thing to get pulled out, won't even lie to your guys lol.
    Chaos & Pain Rep


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