Pec tear? Recovery/ substitute workouts?

  1. Pec tear? Recovery/ substitute workouts?

    Im currently on cycle and unfortunately nursing an injury :/ it feels like a potential tear like right where my chest meets my armpit.

    I can kind of do incline *still kinda hurts* and can kinda do like a near grip dumbell press, also push ups *still hurt* and dumbell chest raises. Essentially everything still hurts but only a fraction ad much as flat bench. I loaded 225 on today and did one rep and had to stop.

    Any ideas for exercises that dont stimulate the actions of flat bench and ways to recover quicker? Im currently icing my armpit hoping that does something but id hate to finish the cycle with no bench

  2. What about cable crossovers and stuff like that? Overall, sounds like you’re just gonna need time to heal. I’d focus on the rest of the routine and just drop the chest stuff until you’re back to normal. Trying to train through it will likely only lengthen the recovery time, which solves nothing.

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