Any budget friendly neutral grip/swiss bars that are good?

  1. Any budget friendly neutral grip/swiss bars that are good?

    I'm looking for a barbell where I can do a completely neutral shoulder width grip, or very close to shoulder with. I tried straight bar bench again andd even with elbows tucked and starting out light and slow, bam pulled a tendon. I was doing dumbbell presses but once you hit 100 pounds, it's a hassle getting them up since I have olympic dumbbell adjustable handle and not a dumbbell set. I ordered the Titan swiss bar and I had to return it, because not only did my plates barely fit on it, but none of my spring collars would fit. Amazon hasn't been much help either. I know there are other sites besides Rogue, but I can't remember the names.

  2. I brought the strength shop Swiss bar a few years back, gets used in a commercial setting and been fine. Decent quality and pretty cheap.


    I bought the Slim Football bar and love it....I have benched, rowed and OHP with it's only $199. The only thing u will need to to is add athletic tape to the help keep a good grip.

    I have also bought his Giant Camber Squat bar and Monolifts for the power cage. All great products

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