Best way to train for speed/power?

  1. Cool Best way to train for speed/power?

    My current training split is:

    Mon: change of direction + strength upper body (5/3/1 bench)
    Tue: acceleration + contrast lower body triphasic (4x2 squat @ 85%, superset w/ 3 jumps)
    Wed: max velocity sprinting
    Thu: change of direction + contrast upper body triphasic (4x2 close grip bench @85%, superset w/ 2 upper body plyos & 1 throw)
    Fri: acceleration + strength lower body (5/3/1 deadlift)
    Sat + sun: rest & recovery

    *performing cleans 4x a week, and the accessories are mainly 3x5 across the board and Post chain for lower body days and one upper body day is pull and the other is push. also training core on the lower body days and arms on the upper body. also for triphasic, doing 3 weeks ECC, 3 weeks ISO, and 3 weeks of pure concentric strength. also doing triphasic with the accessories*

    College football player and I've got 8 weeks l of training left until summer training camp (9 including deload), I'm 19 and been training for 4 years, will this training help me maximize my speed, power and strength ? Thanks everyone.

  2. Hi mate,
    If you get strong but keep the volume on the low side and do some sprints you'll be fine. I can see you're doing 5/3/1 which is a good base. Look up the "joker sets" and work up to a heavy single.

    Getting stronger is a great way to increase your acceleration. You're already doing the sprints. Make sure you're training the sprints from the same squatting position as you'll be in on the field

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