Sleeping times and anabolism

  1. Sleeping times and anabolism

    So for the last three months I’ve been nocturnal pretty much. Most days I’ll go to sleep at 8-10am and wake up at 4-6pm. For the first two months I was gaining strength all over at a good rate, however these last two weeks some of my muscle groups have gotten weaker whilst only gaining strength on select groups.
    I’ve read that melatonin resensitises leidig cells, so should I make it a mission to go to sleep when it’s dark?

    Ive been eating in a deficit on most days over the three month period and my average calorie intake has been closer to maintenance these last two weeks. My supplementation regimen has been the same and so I’m a little perplexed. On average these last two weeks I’ve been training 5 days a week whereas previously it was 6/7 days a week. In the last two weeks I’ve also been eating 130-150g of protein a day more often than previously, when I’d usually been eating 200g a day. I weigh 155lbs. The constitution of my diet has pretty much stayed the same. I’ve also been periodising my rep range from workout to workout the same way, 3-7, 7-12, 12-18. I returned from a business trip on the other side of the world two weeks ago.

    Has anyone got any suspicions as to what’s been going on and how I can fix this?

  2. Are you saying your protien intake went from 200g to 130?

  3. Are you sure you are eating at maintenance? How is your carb intake? Are you eating low carbs? If so, dropping the protein would explain some carb depletion in that scenario and this a performance drop.

    If you have been training for 3 months with good intensity and are natural, it is likely time for a break/reload.

    Also, keep in mind strength isn't always a linear progression. Sometimes we have set backs.

  4. Why are you nocturnal. Work commitments?

  5. @Ase_james @HIT4ME

    On the days when I've eaten few grams of protein I've made up for the energy with more carbs.
    Below are my maintenance and food intake calculations using a program I bought from Kinobody. It says maintenance = bodyweight x14, x15 or x16. Most online calculators say that my BMR is ~1750 and the boditrax machine at my gym also says ~1750 kcal.
    Recently I've been aiming to eat at a 500 kcal deficit on most deficit days.
    One other thing is that I've been meaning to have a refeed once a week but have sometimes forgotten and only had one refeed in two weeks, the other days being normal. That refeed would still be at a 500 kcal surplus

    About 1in6 grams of the carbs I usually consume are sugars, primarily sucrose, with very little pure fructose.

    Also, since I got back my hayfever's been really bad, the worst it's ever been

    Weighing 71.5kg / 157.7lbs
    Standing 1.72m
    Maintenance is 2212, 2370, 2528 kcal

    Cutting at 1712 kcal macros would be
    P200 F57 C99.6 or P150 F57 C149.6

    Maintenance at 2212 kcal macros would be
    P200 F73.7 C187.2 or P200 F57 C224.8
    or P150 F73.7 C237.2

    Refeeding at 2765 kcal macros would be
    P200 F57 C363 or P150 F57 C363 or
    P150 F112 C239 or P150 F85 C300
    P200 + 1965 kcal or P150 + 1765kcal

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ericos_bob View Post
    Why are you nocturnal. Work commitments?
    Work commitments and sleeping issues


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