Dislocated Shoulder

  1. Dislocated Shoulder

    I dislocated my right shoulder today and I dislocated the other about two years ago. These were both the result of sports accidents. Iím wondering if there are some exercises I can do to help prevent more dislocations from happening in the future. I want to take preventative measures by strengthening the area, increasing flexibility, or just doing whatever needs to be done.. I do work the shoulders already, and I carry a good amount of muscle there. So Iím hoping thereís something I can do to help myself with this issue. I will be going to physical therapy. But maybe some of you guys have had this issue and learned some things. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

  2. First off, hate to be the bringer of bad news but after a shoulder has dislocated once, the ligaments and tendons are permenantly stretched, and the odds of reoccurance are over 70 percent. However, you can strengthen some of the surrounding tissue to help decrease this chance by doing excersises that focus on external and internal rotation. Sadly this will include mostly band work to start and it won't be anything even remotely close to being as satisfying as your normal lifting Staples.. but as they do strengthen and you give time for the shoulder capsule to recover from the inflammation that corresponds with dislocations, you can do things such as Turkish get ups, which can be loaded quite heavy as you progressively develop the movement pattern and may find some comfort in working those numbers up.

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