Anybody cutting right now?

  1. Anybody cutting right now?

    Iíve been doing a mild cut for about 3 weeks and have lost 7 pounds. I feel bigger though. Iíve always been focused on gaining mass but my body fat is at a point to where Iím lean everywhere except my stomach. Since the 7 pound loss Iíve noticed most in my chest area. Mild improvement with the abdomen. Anyways, hereís what Iím doing

    Push Pull routine with very mild cardio. Mainly boxing or running my dog. Just really focusing on dieting. I am stacking AlphaMax with oxymax (only 1 cap upon waking) and slinmax though.

    Chicken chicken chicken!

  2. Very nice. Keep it up. I'am about to finish 3 weeks of my cut. Planning on doing 12 weeks total.

  3. I'm cutting too. Keto with a 4-day variation of PHAT and a pure cardio day. Good progress so far. Sounds like you're doing great!
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