Lifting program for a cut?

  1. Lifting program for a cut?

    Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks

  2. Compound exercises in the 5 to 8 rep range

  3. Quote Originally Posted by mickc1965 View Post
    Compound exercises in the 5 to 8 rep range
    I agree. I'm a natty competitor. Pre contest I lift as heavy as possible with mostly compound movements. No low weight, high rep stuff.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by reaganbush84 View Post
    Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks
    Stick with the same program you use when you're bulking. Use a program you personally have had success with.

    One thing I would say not to do is think higher reps will get you more cut. If anything, you should be lifting heavier than you normally would to help retain strength and muscle size. Here are some good articles.

    Maintaining or even gaining strength is the absolute best way to make sure that you're not losing muscle. If you keep pushing big weights, it'll force the body to keep its muscle since it will see it as necessary for survival. If you reduce the amount of weight you're lifting, the body will "assume" that you don't require as much strength and that it's okay to lower your muscle mass. Why? Because muscle uses a ton of calories every day and the body will see it as expendable.

    You also need to take volume into consideration. When in a caloric deficit, you may want to reduce volume since recovery is going to be slower.
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  5. Everybody has you covered here with perfect advice.

  6. All good advice here. I only switch to higher reps when deloading / deconditioning in order to start a new phase of growth / progression afterwards.


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