Do you get annoyed by young kids at your gym?

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    I workout extremely early due to the gym being quiet. Young kids are incapable of getting up at 4:30 am since thats when most are getting home from the club or some house party, especially on weekends.

    But there are times where I go to the gym in the evening, even though its rare. I must say the kids that go at this time have to be the most annoying little ****$ I have ever been around. They do more talking and selfie taking than working out. The women are some of the worst and the little boys that go are just plain worthless and weak with no etiquette whatsoever.

    Your thoughts?
    Instead of bitching about these kids and weak people have u ever thought about helping them learn to be better at lifting?

  2. Things have really changed in the gym since I started back in the late 70s early 80s. Letís just say I really miss the good old days When people worked out in the gym for a purpose other than selfies and social life



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