John Meadows 2.0 programs

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  1. Thanks man, appreciate the input!

  2. Does anyone else feel like his programs are a bit lacking in shoulder work? I mean direct work besides rear delts?
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  3. Thanks for the feedback guys, sounds like some brutal workouts.
  4. John Meadows 2.0 programs

    Iíve got all of JM programs. Send a pm.
  5. Training log:

  6. Count me in on a the group buy please.

  7. Im in for the buy!!

  8. Whered you find this? No news on the mountain dog group page! You have an inside source?

  9. Thatís so awesome. Bad ass tribute to a bad ass comic book character

  10. That's as inside of a source as you can get. Thanks for letting us in on it Solution.

  11. I saw him mention this on IG.. any indication what the program is like? I know he was throwing the idea of more “ athletic training “ maybe being in a new routine a few months ago.

  12. Iím also in for group buy.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Rostam View Post
    Iím also in for group buy.
    Same here
    Use WES15 for 15% off at

  14. I'm in.

  15. The Colossus program Iím sure wonít disappoint.
    Current Log:

  16. Iíd be interested in a group buy

  17. Iím 100% in for the group buy as well!

  18. I'm in!!!!!!!

  19. Quote Originally Posted by _Endure_ View Post
    Honest question for the guys who have put in the time and money with these. Anyone ever dissapointed or is the cost point appropriate? Always a little skeptical at any book based or online program especially the higher dollar ones like these as to how well they truly translate over. I haven't given it a shot yet but this thread has me considering.

    I have never been disappointed or felt it was a waste of money. I will also say the latest plans are even more in depth and have hyperlinks. If you follow them you willl learn a lot and think of training a lot differently
    Chaos & Pain Rep

  20. Quote Originally Posted by The Solution View Post
    He has tons of laterals , spider crawls and presses in every program.
    Not really , doing a lot of DB and Bb pressing overtime will destroy your joints. He is a guy who thinks about longevity which all of us as trainees should do.

    When you factor in he pairs shoulders with chest a lot of the pressing movements has a lot of carry over to your delts (he is a HUGE advocate of incline pressing)

    This is a hobby we donít want to be having broken joints and horrible arthritis when we are 30-40 Years old
    Hell creeping death week 1 on shoulders and the high reps
    Had me smoked

    Just looking through some of his programs

    Rear Delts
    HS Reverse Press (intensity technique)
    Side Laterals (Pump)

    Reverse Pec Dec
    DB 6 Ways (hitting all heads)
    Reverse HS Press (Pump)

    A1: DB Side Laterals Sets of 20
    A2: HS Rear Delt Raises: Sets of 8 with 5 second negatives

    This is after 8-10 sets of pressing (mostly incline) Which will take a toll on your front delts to begin with.

    Couldnít say it any better! Shoulders are a very small muscle group and he has a lot of pressing in his programs, so you shouldnít need a lot after that
    Chaos & Pain Rep

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Oconns28 View Post
    I’d be interested in a group buy
    Quote Originally Posted by Scrutiny View Post
    I’m 100% in for the group buy as well!
    Chaos & Pain Rep

  22. @The Solution

    Do you have the expected release date?

  23. Me as well

    I would be interested in trading for creeping death 2 as well.
    I have to trade.
    Gamma Bomb
    Honey Badger
    Annihilation Wave
    Omega Beam
    Pain and Suffering

  24. Just saw YouTube video of John saying its released. Its a low volume 6 week program. Not sure if I like the sound of that but I'm still in for the group buy. Who is going to organize? Same group?

  25. I'm still in I hope we can do it like last time. I will have to go back through my PM,s to see who organized the last one.


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