BennyMagoo's Training Log

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  1. BennyMagoo's Training Log

    Hi AM.

    Firstly, my stats:
    37 yo
    230Ib at ^^25% BF
    396Ib S
    308Ib B
    550Ib DL

    About me:
    Married with 2 kids, plumber working 24hrs for a local utility provider, just bought a house, train 4am 6 days a week.

    Strength, fitness, longevity.

    Why the log?

    I recently logged an LGD cycle and found the habbit highly beneficial.

    Enjoy the ride.

  2. Sat 4th March


    Worked up to 110kg (242Ib) for 5x3. Felt pretty rusty having only performed light sets for the last couple weeks.

    Yates rows
    Worked up to 5x5 with 198Ib.

    Pull up

    5x5 BW

    Arnold Press

    20kg (44Ib) db for

    Reverse flies from hyper bench

    5kg db for 5x15

    Feeling very average lately after finishing my run with dermastrength.

  3. 226 P
    205 C
    179 F


    Was fairly active today, building hand rail & repairing roof on my house.

  4. Su 5th March


    Failed a 20min EMOM after 12 min. Protocol was 20 triples with 160kg (352Ib) beltless. Pulled the pin after 12th set because my form really fell apart. Went into it unsure I would be able to complete this progression as, honestly, I was still pretty fatigued from the last 3 weeks of 20min EMOMs with squats and deadlifts.

    Finished the session with 3x8 with 140kg focusing on sliw negs for a good core workout.

  5. 5th March nutrition

    418 C
    155 F
    41 Fibre

    4097 cal

    Yeah, big day on the tucker!

  6. 6th March macros...


    3000 cal

  7. Tues 7th march Upper volume

    Benchpress, paused, slow descent
    80kg (176Ib) x10 r shoulder a little achy. Artbritis flare up atm, as every dodgy joint aches.
    90kg (198Ib) x10 beautiful set - control PR
    95kg (209Ib) x10 Decade PR and def lifetime form PR. Nice pauses, perfect bar path, even speed up until final rep. That was prob an RPE7.5. Stoked.
    80kg x 16 AMRAP also prob a PR.

    Yates rows with top pause
    60kg for 3x10

    Chest Dips BW


    Hyper reverse flyes

    4kg dumbells for 3x15

    Lat pulldown

    '75' for

    Cable side delt raise

  8. 7th March macros...




  9. Wed 8th March skwaaaats

    First time squatting 3 plates for a couple weeks. Felt very rusty, but wporked up to 5x3 with 140kg (308Ib) beltless, paused. Pretty happy with my speed, and rpe (expected this to be quite high).

    Afterwards I did some upper body mobility & rehab stuff.

  10. Mon 13th March Bench Power

    Havent logged since last Wed, and havent trained either. First 4 day break fo a long time due to moving house late last week and getting pretty sick over the weekend! Anyway back now and starting the week fresh.

  11. Omg just lost almost the whole log. Bloody touchy tablet.

    Anyway, went something like this:

    Worked up to 115kg 253Ib bench press for 5 sets 3 with long pauses, super slow descents. I wore a belt for these to combat bad back cramps during warmups, and every set felt unbelievably easy. Ever set qast rpe8 or under, except for last set which was a 9. I am consistently gaining strength and control with benchpress after a month of deloading.

    Yates Rows bench grip: Worked up to 5x3 with 110kg

    Barbell Row bench grip: 110kgx8

    BW pullups supine grip : 3x8 pretty easy but starting to feel the weekend spent with GI woes.

    BW Dips 3x8 hit the wall pretty hard.

    Finished with some rear delt raises from the hyper bench using 5kg plates iin each hand.

  12. Mon 13th march macros:



  13. Tues 14th march deadlift

    Worked up to:
    180kg (396Ib) x3 for 2 sets
    200kg (440Ib) x3
    210kg (462Ib) x3 rpe8 pretty happy with this after nothing heavy for over a month

    Cable pullovers

    25kg for 3x15

    Reverse flyes from hyper

    3kg db for 3x15

    Lat pull ups

    BW for 3x8 with top pause

    Leg raises


  14. Thurs 16th march skwaats

    Felt rough today, did about 15 warmup sets after prehab stuff but finally managed to work my way up to:

    160x1 for 2 sets
    180x1 pretty happy with how smootg this moved
    160x1 for 3 sets

    All highbar (lower back wont let me run lowbar atm).

    Linear hack press:
    3 sets of 6 with 60kg. This destroyed my legs and butt.

    Reverse flyes from hyper

    5kg db for 3x12

    Cable seated hip abduction

    Full stack for 3x20

    Cable seated hip adduction

    '50' for 3x20

  15. Macros



    This is where i want to be...

  16. Friday 17th march bench volume

    Worked up to:

    100kg (220Ibx10) for a sloppy PR - pauses went out the window after 6th rep and last rep was an absolute battle for survival (no spotter hehe)
    95kg (208Ib)x10 rpe9.5 this set hurt but i kept true to form
    95kgx10 rpe10 sooo close to fail on last rep lol
    80kgx12 AMRAP

    Yates Rows (sub for plate rows due to busy gym)

    Chinups BW 3x10
    Dips BW
    2 ...hit the wall soooo hard shaking like a virgin right now

    Lat pulldown 3x10 ,'70'

  17. Sunday 19th March Acessories

    Rest day yesterday, also didnt count macros but prob around 3000cal.

    70hr work week this week and i am feeling it in my back this morning. Was going to pull but think i will run accessories today instead, and pull tomorrow.

    Pullups BW 5x10
    Seated DB curl 15kg for 3x10 2x8
    Reverse grip BB curl 30kg 3x10
    Face pulls
    Revrse flyes from hyper bench 5kg for 3x15
    Latetal db raise 7.5kg for 3x15
    Overhead db tri extensions 15kg for 5x10
    Cable tri kickdowns 3x10
    Close grip BP 60kg for 20, 15, 14, 11, 11

  18. Monday 20th deadlifts

    Felt stiff and sore before this workout and decided to play it by ear through warmup sets. However things began to feel good once I got to 180kg (396Ib) and I hit 3x3 with 220kg (485Ib) at rpe7,8 & 9 respectively.

    Followed up with some ovethead db (5kg) raise from hyperextension, lat pulldowns ( 70 fod 3x10) and cable lateral delt raises (55 for 10, 9, 8) .

  19. Sunday 26th Deadlifts

    Forgot to post my bench power log so thats missing. Otherwise, i havent done much this week as 75hr nightshift week has had me down for the count. Good time to deload anyway...

    So, todat im here working up to:
    220kg (485Ib)x3
    225kg (495Ib)x no lift wtf?
    225kgx1 wow feel trashed
    225kgx1bit better
    225kgx1super slow off the ground. Also, super tight right piri
    225kgx1same s#$$
    225kgx1 need to order some more smelling salt for days like
    this one
    225kgx1hammies are shaking
    225kgx1 6x1 with 225 instead of 2x3 ah well at least i pushed on

  20. Monday 27th March

    Lower back is super sore this morning.

    Upper Volume: M2W1

    Bench Press with belt on

    Worked up to:
    3x10 with 90kg

    HS plate rows

    120kg for 4x10

    Arnold press
    20kg for 10,8,8

    Lat pulldown

    '70' for 3x10

    Felt really flat today, but that is not unusual after such a big week on nights. Think i need to start looking for a new day job.

  21. Tues 28th March

    Back is jacked up atm. Noth8ng sudden, just accumulated fatugue which has me hot and swollen around the L4 L5 joint. Taking some time off work and focusing on rehab stuff and some BB at the gym this week.


    Chinups 3x10 BW
    Seated incline curls 15kgdb for 4x8
    Triceps kickdown '25' for 4x10 and 1x6
    Reverse grip curls 30kg 3x10 1x15vthen 32.5kg for 1x11
    Plate shrugs 20kg for 5x20
    Preacher curls 40kg 5x10
    Db tricep OH extension 15kg for 3x10
    Close grip pushup 30, 25, 20

  22. Fri 31st march

    Back is cactus. Physio thinks i have injured L3 l2 facet joint and the subsequent infammation has trapped nerves to left hip and thigh. Pretty much rules out tge big 3 for 2 or 3 weeks.

    I have been taking celecrex for the last 3 days and am avle to work again roday, so im at the gym now running thru exercises the physio prescribed to floss the nerves and get blood flowing into my lower back and hip. Boring stuff.

  23. Im back.

    Had a ton of inflammation at L3 L4 facet which was shutting me out from control of the muscles in my L hip & lower back. In conjunction with PT, I have veen doing a heap of mobility work with belt squats over the last 3 weeks, no barbell work beyond light deadlift.

    Today I am going to dip my toes in the water with some mediumish pause squats. I am going tomslowly ease back into volume with back squats by running belt squats behind them for the next 3 months.

    Worked up to:
    120kgx3 shoulder mobility sucks today
    140kgx3 r hip tight
    140kgx3 so ugly. Trying to focus on breaking at the hips.
    140kgx3 bar path all over the shop
    120kgx3 barefoot, low bar. Bar path better but cant hit depth.

    Belt squats

    40kgx15 r hip tight
    60kgx16 r hip still [email protected]#$ing tight!
    60kgx16 r hip ok now

    Linear hack squats

    40kg 4x12

    Think next week i might warm up with the linear hack squats.

  24. Yesterday became a rest day after I spent the night with my little boy as he battled a pretty bad fever.

    Today I had a great upper volume sesh.

    Changed my protocol for push movements, swapping out bench press for legs up db press. Hit 3x10 with 30kg dbs.

    Then Pendlay Rows wide grip slow eccentric, hitting 60kg for 3x12 and 80kg for 6, 6, & 8 (AMRAP).

    BW dips knees up 12, 12, 8

    BW chinup 5x8

    Bent over lateral db raise supersets (10kgx10; 5kgx5)x3

    Cable crunch '50' 3x12, 10, 8

  25. Arms today. Moved this forward a day as tomorrow i am looking after my kids all day.

    BW Chins 3x8

    Seated db curl 15kg: 12 (PR), 10; 9. 17.5kg for 2x5

    Overhead db extension 15kg for 9,8,5,6

    Bb curl rev grip 35kg forc3x8

    Cable rope push down '25' for 3x8


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