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  1. Weigh in: 103.5kg....same as last week! Feeling a lot leaner though.

  2. Dammit, twice in a row I have forgotten to hit send on my heres the catchup:

    Wed 3135cal 186p 393c 89f 35g fibre

    Thurs 2796cal 109p 327c 90f 32g fibre

    Fri 2867cal 105p 368c 81f 27g fibre

    I realltpy need to start limiting my carbs more to hit my protein goals.

  3. Sat 17th Feb

    On wed I did some deadlifts, hitting 180kg for what felt like quite a comfortable 3x5. However, afterwards my right hip siezed up pretty badly and with a painful ache emanating from the psoas there that immediately becomes more intense when I try and squat just 60kg, or perform any banded knee hinges. So I have wound back my rehab plan back to week 2 and canned squats & DL again while I wait for the pain to subside.

    Benchpress - with as little arch as possible - the plan was to hit 120kg for 3x3, which should have been reasonably easy, however i failed the first rep. RIP benchpress, ****ing cut. Finsihed with 3x5 100kg

    Isolat pulldown 140kg 3x8 1x10
    Weighted dip 40kg for 4,4,3
    Isolat shoulder press 70kg 3x8

  4. Wed 14th March.

    The last month has been extremely busy so I havent been logging to try and optimise my limited workout times. My BW is down to 100kg now, and I am recovering from a nasty chest infection following 165hrs work in 2 weeks.

    Bench today, just going to attempt 120kg for a triple then back off. Still feeling mildly feverish and weak AF so bringing out the smelling salts.
    1st attempt: 2reps
    2nd attempt: 3 it and that's even a BW PR
    100kgx5 backoff set

    Seated isolateral row unilateral style 80kg 3x10 each side
    Cable tri pushdown slow neg 35kg 3x8
    BW pullup 3x5
    Cable lateral delt raise 60 3x8
    Cable lat pulldown 80 for 3x5

  5. Thurs 15th

    Awesome sesh today:
    Weihhhted pullups 10kg 5x6
    BW upright dips (knees up) slow descrnt 3x8
    Seated db curls 60sec rest 15kg for 10,8,6,6
    Close grip BP 60kg for 20,17,15
    Superset hammer curls 20kgx8 with rev grip curls 27.5kgx8 for 3

    Yesterday I ate:
    2688cal 190p 240c 101f 35g fibre

  6. Sat 16th
    Just a bit of upper body volume work today after hitting some heavy deads yesterday.

    This after consuming 4410cal yesterday, including 540g carbs haha.

  7. Monday 19th March

    Going to hit up some light upper body volume today:
    Isolat pulldown 120kg 3x10
    Benchpress 90kg 3x10
    Cable pullover 12.5 3x14
    Cable tri pushdown 25kg 3x14
    BW pullup 8,8,10,8
    BW dip 3x15
    Cable lat pulldown 80 for 3x8
    Cable lateral delt raise 50 3x10

  8. Wed 21st Mar

    Squats: hit 140kgx5, 145kg for 2x5
    Followed that with some front squats 60kg paused slow ascent 5x3, BW pullups 3x8 and leg extension '60' 3x20

  9. Damn forgot to hit send on my last wasnju st a bit of upper body volume bla bla bla....

    Saturday 24th March

    Deadlift worked up to 220kgx3 230kgx3 180kg for 2x8
    15kg weighted pullup 3x5
    HS iso bench press 60kg 3x10
    Seated isolaterak row 85kg 3x8
    Ab wheel supermans 3x8

  10. Tues 27th March

    Spent the last 2 days on the toilet and rhis morning I feel terrible - every joint is aching and muscles are cramping.

    Goal for today is simply to get myself moving again.

    Seated db curls 15kg for 6,10,9,9
    Benchpress 60kg 3, 5x6 slow eccentric, paused, explosive concentric
    Rev grip bb curls 25kg 3x10
    Cable tri pushdowns 20kg for 5x10 30kgx6
    Cable external rotations (my rotator cuffs are aching so bad!) 4kg 5x8
    Ab wheel supermans 5x8
    Db hyper flyes 7kg 3x12
    Pilates tabletop thingies 3x8 breaths

    Feeling like complete dogpoo right now, BW 100.5kg down 1kg since Saturday

  11. Wed 28th March Squats:
    120kgx5, 140kgx3, 100kgx8, 100kgx12 - felt prett sore and hollow after being sick ovrr the weekend and backed off when I realised my form was failing in the third rep of 3x140kg.
    Lat pullups 5x12
    Hyperextensions: focusing on open hips and arched feet by using a slightly bent leg position 5x15
    Horizontal max jump...hit 6 squares for a PR! Performed this for 5 reps.

  12. Thurs 29th Mar

    Isolat seated rows 80kgx10, 90kg for 3x8
    Pullups: BW 3X6, 10KG 3X6
    DIPS BW 4X10
    Green band pull aparts 4x10
    Cable lat pulldown 80 for 3x8

  13. Woods missing yesterday's log... Ah well.

    Saturday 31st Mar

    Really felt like squatting today so, after a nice long warm up involving lots of mobility stuff, I worked up to 120kgx10, 140kgx1, 160kgx1, 180kgx1 then 3 x1 with 160kg again.

    Also did 5 speedy deadlift triples with 140kg and some an stuff.

    Jumped on the scales and was surprised to see double digits! Weight was 99.8kg, but I'm counting it was 100 flat since I always round it to the nearest halfa

  14. Mon 2nd April

    Ate about 5500cal yesterday, it was fun. Today did heaps of random stuff at the gym includibg 5x10 90kg bench., seated rows, front felt raise black black bla

  15. Wed 4th April

    Random upper body sesh:
    Isolat pulldown 120kg 5x10
    Db lateral raise 5kg 3x15
    Db front raise 5kg 3x15
    Bb row 90kgx6, 110kgx6, 120kgx6
    Strict ohp 50kg 2x10 60kg 2x5
    bw pullup 3x8

  16. Yesterday I did some speedy benchpress triple with 110kg, followed by snatch into front squat triples at 50kg. These have really improved and are a good indication that my hip mobility routine is efextive.

    Fri 6tn April:

    Seated db curls 15kg 4x10
    Db tri overhead ext 15kg 3x8
    Preacher curl 40kg 3x10 35kg 2x10
    Kettlebell 1 legged deadlift 40kg (20 each hand) 5x10 each side
    Benchpress 65kg for 20,20,16
    Cable pulldown 80 for 3x8

  17. Sat 7th April:

    Worked up to this x3:

    Then some BW pullups and hammerrstrength press

  18. Monday 9th April

    Worked up to some speed bench today, this for 4 sets:


    Isolat pulldown 100kg 3x12
    Seated umliatdral row 80kg each side 5x10
    Seated calf raise 40kg 3x12
    BW pullup 3x8
    Side db lateral delt raise 7kg 3x12

  19. Thurs 12th April

    Isolat pulldown 130kg 5x10
    Single leg kettlebell deads 48kg 3x10 each side
    Db lateral raise 6kg 3x15
    BB row 60kg 3x15 (left wrist playing up so kept weight low and focused on segment through my left arm)
    Strict OHP 60kg 3x5
    Ab wheel supermans 3x10

  20. Speedy bench today....friday13th aprikl

    115kg for
    3x3, last set by far the best
    Seated unilatrral isorow 80kg 3x10, 85kgx8, 87.5kgx8
    BW pullup 3x8
    Pilates tabletop 3x20
    BW pushup 3x20

  21. Monday 16th April

    Squats today:

    Worked up ti 140kgx5, 150kgx5, 155kgx5 (PR!!], 160kgx5 (PR!)

    BW pullup for 10,8,8

    And hit the wall...

  22. Ffs lost my log....

    Today did bench speed 115kg for 5x3, got faster with each set until last set
    BW pullup 5x6
    Isolat pulldown 130kg 3x8
    Single leg KB deads 48kg 3x8 each side
    Db lateral delt raiseb7kg for 15,12,14,10

  23. Quote Originally Posted by BennyMagoo79 View Post
    Monday 16th April

    Squats today:

    Worked up ti 140kgx5, 150kgx5, 155kgx5 (PR!!], 160kgx5 (PR!)

    BW pullup for 10,8,8

    And hit the wall...
    Nice bro - to be fair with decent music on you’d have had another 2-3 reps lol

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Whisky View Post
    Nice bro - to be fair with decent music on you’d have had another 2-3 reps lol
    Haha thanks mate. Yeah the music is pretty terrible at my gym - but the women are amazing!

  25. Thurs 19th April

    Weighted pullups:
    10kgx6,15kgx6, 3x5 with 20kg

    Flat bench 90kgx12
    Incline bench 3x8 with 70kg
    Seated db curls 15kg 3x8
    Db side delt raise 8kg 14, 2x12


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