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  1. upper hypertrophy d1m1

    Ditching close grip bench. Hurts my shoulder too much.

    Benchpress worked up to 5x10 with 100kg. last set rpe10.

    uni rows 80kg 2x10 then wirh both arms 120kg (60 ea.)

    Strict OHP 50KG for 2x10 & 1x8

    BW chinup 3x6

    Hyperextension BW 3x20

  2. Missed log for squats Thursday w1m1:

    Had to lowbar it due to pretty bad burns on my traps from a little welding accident earlier in the week. It sucked, but managed to hit 165kg for 5x3 and 140kgx10.

  3. Upper power today:

    Warmup sets 60kgx5 80kgx3 100kgx3. Working sets (paused, flat back) 125kgx2 (paused too long!!); 125kgx3; 120kg 3x3

    Isolat pulldown 40kgx10 80kgx10 120kgx10 WU then 150kg 3x6 WS

    cable tris '40' for 3x10 2x8

    seated uni row 80kg 4x10

  4. Deads w2m1

    Worked up to 205kg 5x3

    green band assisted NHR 3x15

    Hypers 3x25

  5. Woke up with the blues today. Don't know why - I have no reason to feel depressed - it just happens to me from time to time and I have learned to disassociate from it. Letting it flow through me seems to speed up its cycle.

    Also super sore today (or perhaps I am paying more attention to general soreness that is always present?) so took my time warming up for this Upper Volume Sesh w2m1:

    Bench worked up to 2x10 with 102.5kg, and 1x9 with 105kg AMRAP, 10 then 9 with 100kg.

    seated row 2arms 120kg 4x10

    strict ohp 40kgx15 50kgx10 60kgx5 50kgx14

    bw pullup 4x8

  6. Skwaats today:

    Back to highbar which feels great.
    165kg 4x3

  7. Daamit forgot to hit post for Upper Power sesh Saturday.

    Bench 125kg 5x3

    isolat pulldown 155kg 4x6

    seated uni row 80kg 4x10

    BW pullup 3x7

  8. Deads today w3m1:

    210kg for 6x3 (extra set to try out gym buddy's Skull Smash smelling salt - it was awesome)

    norwegian hammy curls 3x12

    BW pullup 3x6

  9. Skwaats w1m2:

    Usual warm-up protocol, then 165kg 3x3 160kg 2x3 (rpe9.5 final set) 140kgx8


    Got some great training in over the last 2.5wks I have been off work. Today: Dead/Upper Volume:

    215kg 5x3

    Bench 102.5kg for 10, 4x8

    Pullups 3x10

  11. Right after that session I tore my psoas pretty bad, and basically didnt train for a week. I am following a completely new protocol now based on what I can do without aggravating this injury which, I am told, can take as long as 6months to properly heal.

    I am also just over 2wks into a cut. Jumped on the scales after 2.5wks off work and weighed in at 208kg which is just too heavy for me.

    So, current goals:

    1.) Heal, so I can get back to heavy barbell work ASAP
    2.) Drop 10kg bodyweight
    3.) Maintain as much muscle mass as possible.
    4.) Improve overall strength and athleticism this year.

    Currently I am taking:

    MK677 at 50mg/day
    DHEA at 100mg/day PWO
    Creatine 5g/day

  12. Tues 30th January:
    Weighed in today at 104.8kg. Bit over 2kg lost since last monday which I attribute to mainly fluid loss as my glyco storage is declining now.

    Yesterday's diet stats:
    233g protein
    301g carbs
    40g fibre
    92g fat.

    Isolat benchpress working sets: 70kg for 4x12 1x11
    Isolat pulldown working sets: 120kg 5x10
    isolat shoulder press 50kg 5x10
    My God, there are some fiiiiiinnnneee women here today...
    Seated unilateral iso row 80kg 3x10
    Cable lateral delt raises '55' 3x12
    Cable lat pulldown '75' 3x8

  13. Wed 31st January

    No training today.

    Yesterday's diet stats:

    195g protein
    326g carbs
    111g fat
    47g fibre

  14. Ok updating my log since I have been quite slack with it:

    Diet stuff:
    Wed: ; 2907cal, 218P 337C, 78F and 35g fibre
    Thurs: 3436cal; 200P; 392C; 105F; 50g fibre - I blew out my intake goal of >3000cal for a bit of a carb refeed
    Fri: 2931cal; 142P; 353C; 92F; 23g fibre - Pre-packaged pasta and sauce meal for dinner basically blew out my macros


    Thurs: felt terrible on thurs morning

    Weighted 10kg pull-ups: 3x5
    BW pull-ups: 2x10, 1x8
    BW banded (band around hips to activate femoral rotation cue) squats, 8x20
    Seated unilateral iso row 80kg 5x10
    Cable lateral delt raises '55' 3x12
    Cable lat pulldown '75' 3x8

    Fri: Felt great on Friday morning after Thursday's re-feed!

    isolat shoulder press 70kg 5x10
    Isolat pulldown working sets: 120kg 2x10, 140kg 2x10 supersetted with:
    BW banded squats 10x20 with bottom quater squat every rep
    BW chinups 3x10 supersetted with:
    BW dips 3x15
    My God, there are some fiiiiiinnnneee women here today...
    Seated unilateral iso row 80kg 3x10
    Cable lateral delt raises '55' 3x12
    Cable lat pulldown '75' 3x8

    I keep forgetting to add my cardio every day, but basically it's this: 60 floors on the step machine after weights, 10min on the 'seated' bike prior. Pretty much just spinning the bike for a warm-up but the step machine has me working in anaerobic threshold for at least 6min, and I really have to push myself to not walk past it straight out the door.

    I have been doing a couple of adapted pillates exercises to recover from the psoas tear, including a half tabletop thingemy and a standing bent leg raise. The injury seems to be at a consistent level atm with a dull ache that kicks in after about 8hrs at work (working from ladder all day doesn't help) and a horribly stiff lower back every morning which is easily overcome during warmup with a little flexion/extension repetition during warmup.

    There we go all caught up. I have to say, I am beginning to enjoy using the hammer strength machine for shoulder press and noticed an awesome pump all through my shoulders and upper pecs yesterday. I have found a setting for it that doesn't aggravate my dodgy right shoulder at all (which is impossible for strict OHP). Also I feel like my body is adapting to this lower calorie intake as my energy levels have really picked up.

  15. Saturday 3rd feb:

    Started Cardarine today, 25mg PWO

    30min of step class with my wife

    Isolat benchpress 70kg 3x8 2x6
    BW pullup 3x10
    Seated unilateral row 80kg 3x10
    Cable lat pulldown '80' 3x8

    And hit the wall sooooo hard. I am soooooo hungry right now I could eat a small child.

  16. Diet stats for Saturday 3rd Feb:

    226P; 298C; 170F; 29g fibre

    Bit of a blowout yesterday, thanks to 770g of honey chiken wings and Thai Red Duck Curry with rice for dinner.

    Today I am going to fast until lunch and plan on pushing the kids down to the shops to get groceries for a 5km round trip.

    Also, I have dialled back the cardarine dosage to 10mg today as yesterday it kind of knocked me out for about 2hrs and messed with my appetite.

  17. Monday 5th Feb:

    Diet yestetday:
    27g fibre

    Isolat pulldown 120kgx10, 140kg 3x8
    Cable tri pushdown '35' for 4x10
    Seated db curls 15kg 4x10
    HS isolat shoulder press 70kg 3x8
    Preacher curls 40kg 3x8
    Cable lateral delt raises '55' 3x10 superset with
    Cable lat pulldown '80' 8,8,6

  18. Tues 6th Feb

    Diet yesterday:
    33g fibre

    Bit of a calorie blowout yesterday after I psychotically binged on white grapes after spending 3hrs in a roof.

    Isolat benchpress 70kg for 8,10,10,8 - wow so hard
    Seated bilateral row 120kg 4x10, 1x12
    BW Dip 3x15
    BW chinups 10,8,8. - feeling soooo gassed right now
    BW squats 6x20
    50 x BE pushUps

  19. Weigh-in:

  20. Thurs 8th Feb

    Diet stats for Tues:
    168p 322c 98f 42g fibre

    Diet stats for wed:
    167p 336c 80f 25g fibre

    Barbell squats - these are part of my recovery plan now yay! - 40kg 3x15
    Weighted pullups 10kg 3x5
    db side lateral raise 15kg 4x6
    Cable lat pulldown '100' for 3x5

  21. Friday 9th Feb

    Diet stats for Thurs:
    133p; 349c; 100f; 30g fibre

    Feel pretty good this morning, as though yesterday was a refeed.

    Also, starting to notice changes in the mirror. I have lost some fat around my lower gut and legs are becoming more defined.

    Pilates Tabletops: 20;15;15;18
    BW Hypers 5x20
    Green band assisted norwegian hammy curls 5x12
    Seated calf raise 30kg bottom pause, fast contraction slow release 5x12
    Duck walk 6x30 steps - Sooooo hungry right now...
    rotary calf press '60' 5x16

  22. Sat 10th Feb

    Diet yesterday:
    198p 422c 147f 29g fibre - pizza & pasta refeed!

    Benchpress 120kg 3x3
    BW Pullup 5,8,8,8 - wow I have really accumulated some fatigue with these this week, fully expected to hit sets of 10 today
    Cable tri pushdown '37.5' 3x10
    Seated unilateral row 85kg 3x8

  23. Monday 12th Feb:

    Diet for the weekend:

    Sat 2127cal 185p 153c 90f 28g fibre
    Sun 2763cal 140p 304c 100f 30g fibre

  24. Monday workout:

    60kg highbar squat 5x8 - actually felt a little sore in the right side groin at this weight
    BW chinup with top and bottom pause 4x8
    BW pullup 3x8
    Seated db curl 15kg 2x10,8
    Cable pushdown '35' 3x12
    Preacher curl 40kg 3x8
    Isolat shoulder press 50kg 3x10

  25. Missed training and weigh in yesterday due to being fatigued from mowing my lawn in the heat on Monday night!

    Diet data:

    Monday 2876cal 123p 381c 85f 52g fibre
    Tues 2829cal 174p 323c 96f 35g fibre

    Wed workout:

    Deads 180kg 3x5
    Squats 80kg 3x5
    Weighted pullups 10kg 3x5
    Cable lat pulldown '80' 3x8
    Cable lateral delt raise '55' 3x12


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