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  1. Just took 2 skinfold measurements: illiac crest & belly.

    IC: 15mm this is down 3mm
    Belly: 28mm first time i have measured this

  2. Arms today. Adjusting protocol commensurate with slight cal deficit & PCT:

    Seated db curl 15kg:
    17.5kg for 3x5 (last 2 reps were epic grinders)

    Overhead db tri ext: 17.5 for 4x6 1x5

    Supine grip bb curl 35kg for 3x10

    Close grip bench press:
    60kg for 23 (PR!)
    70kg for 3x15
    60kg for 18

    Ezi bar curl 25kg for 2x10 2x8

    Overhead cable pushdown '30' for 3x12

    Cable lat pill down '55' for 3x12

  3. Damn i forgot to log my lasr upper body power sesh. Today went like this:
    Isolat pulldown 100kg for 3x10
    Bench :120kg for 2x3 and 125kg for 1x3 then 100kg for 3x6 long pauses
    Supine grip bb row:
    80kg x10
    90kg for 4x10

    Isolateral high row 100kg (50 50): 3x8 first time using this machine and i feel like it is directly hitting my biggest back weakness

    Db lateral raise from hyper
    3x12 witg 7.5kg

  4. Great sesh today.

    Took me ages to warm up but finally I hit the following working sets deadlift:
    200kg for 3x3
    220kg for 1x5 - PR and I have no idea where that came from. Suddenly, 220kg just felt light and reppable.
    200kg for 3x5 - rpe never went over 8

    Finished with some isolateral rows with 50kg each side (3x8), isolateral pulldaown 50kg each side (3x8), and lateral db raise from hyper bench with 7.5kg db (5x10).

    I wanted to do some Norwegian hammy raises but rack was completely utilised the whole time I was there.

  5. Upper body volume today:

    Iaolateral pulldown 80kg 3x12

    Db press 37.5kg for 3x10 2x8

    Bb OHP 50kgx10 55kg for3x8

    Cable lat pulldown 65 for 3x10

    Db raise 10kg for 3x10

  6. Arms today:

    Isolateral pulldown 90kg for 5x8
    Seated db curl 15kg 2x10 3x8
    OH db tri ext 17.5kg 2x81x7 15kg 2x8
    Supine grip bb curl slow neg 25kg 5x10
    Close grip bb benchpress 60kgx20 80kgx10 (gassed out badly nearly failed 10th rep even after 9th was fast) 70kg
    Ezi curls sliw neg 30kg 3x10
    Dips bw 15,12,10

  7. Upper body deload today:
    Bench 100kg for 3x3
    Isolat pulldown 90kg for 3x10
    Isolat incline row 110kg for 3x8
    Strict OHP 50kg for 3x5
    Max 1rm test push press 80kgx3 90kgx1 95kgx1
    Cable lat pulldown '65' 3x12

  8. Deadlift today, impromptue deload as Im getting sick again:
    140kg for 3x3
    180kg for 3x3 I have a shocking headache and sinuses are completely blocked. No fun.

  9. Upper body volume today, still a little sick:
    Isolateral pulldown 100kg for 5x10
    Db press 35kg for 4x10 30kg for 1x10
    Slow bb shrugs 100kg for 3x15
    Isolateral incline rows 80kg for 3x15

    Feeling pretty flat at this point.

  10. Arms today:

    Cable lat pulldown '65' for 2x10 2x9
    Seated db curl 15kg with 90s rest intervals: 10,11,9,8,7
    Db tricep ext 17.5kg: 8,8,8,8,7
    Bb supine grip curl, slow eccentric 30kg for 3x8 25kg for 2x10
    Close grip bp:

    BW chinup (first time since inhuring left RC) 3x6
    BW Dip 1x15 2x10


  11. Upper body power today:

    Isolateral pull down 120kg for 5x5
    Bench press 120kgx3 125kg forc3x3 100kgx10
    Incline seated row 120kg for 3x5
    OHP 50kgx10 55kgx8,6
    Cable lat pull down '65' for 3x10

    Pretty happy with today.

  12. 9 days since my last sesh. Wow, longest break for maybe 3yrs!

    I have really, really sick after contracting the flu and suffering ear and chest infections. Good news is I am now on the Antibiotics That Kill everything and some steroids to help with chest infection (O2 count dropped to 91%!).

    Today Im doing an upper body volume session, obviously taking it easy:

    Isolat pulldown worked up to 100kg for 3x8

    Db press 35kg for 3x8

    Isolat seated rows 110kg for 3x8

    Seated cable lateral raises '55' for 2x8 and 1x10

    Cable lat pulldown '65' 3x8

  13. Yesterday did some deads, working up to 8x3 with 160kg beltless then followed up with some hip and back isolation accessories.

    Dont have the chi to push myself too hard yet, jusr trying to get back to regular training habits and recover from this nasty flu and RT infection.

  14. Upper body power today:

    Isolat pulldown 110kg for 3x8
    Bench press 120kgx2 110kgx3 115kgx3 115kgx2 100kgx5
    Isolat inverted row 90kg for 5x8
    Strict OHP 50kg for 8, 8, 6

  15. Squats today. All beltless, focusing on staying neutral and controlling the weight. Worked up to:

    100kg for 2x3
    120kg for 2x3

    Lunges 40kgbb for 4x6
    Cable lat pulldown behind the head 70 for 3x8

  16. Arms accessories today:
    Isolat pulldown 100kg for 2x10 then 120kg for 3x8
    Seated incline db curls 15kg for 2x10 17.5kg for 2x6 1x7
    Overhead triceps db extension 15kg for 10 17.5kg for 3x8
    Supine grip bb curl 22.5kg slow with top pause for 3x12
    Close grip bench: 60kgx20 supersey 80kgx8 60kgx10 60kgx10 think i have a tear in my right pec ffs
    Seated hs rows 120kg for 3x12
    Triceps cable pushdown 30 for 3x10

  17. Some 'progress' pics - weighed in at 103kg (227Ib) this morning despite feeling really flabby atm:

    Name:  sideshotjuly17.jpg
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    Name:  20170708_050503_crop_576x576.jpg
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    Name:  20170708_050614_crop_576x576.jpg
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    I am still on some hardcore antibiotics but once i have finished the course and recovered my gut biome im going to run a slight deficit for a while see if i can get my bf down more. Goals.

  18. Deadlift today:

    Worked up to 3x3 with 200kg. Bit of a striggle bit i think ill bounce back once i finish these damned antibiotics.

    Isolat pulldown 3x8 with 110kg
    Cable pullovers '30' for 3x8
    Isolat seated rows 120kg for 3x8 1x7
    Seated calf raise 45kg for 3x12
    Leg estension '45' for 3x20

    Edit: deads monday 10th July

  19. Today: Upper body volume

    Isolat pulldown 80kg for 5x12. Took it easy with these todat as feeling fatigued after a couple of 11.5hr days at work. Work Update: working for myself now as a sub contractor after picking up a bug client. Doing some massive days to keep up with a tight construction program.
    Db press worked up to:

    Supine shrugs 60kg 5x20
    Cable pullovers 30 for 5x10
    Rear delt flyes from hyper bench 5kg for 4x12
    Bw chest dips 10,10,8,6,6
    Cable lateral raises 55 for 3x10

  20. Twice in a row i have failed to hit send at the end of my log. Missing are an arms sesh, and upper body power (for which i hit 115kg bench for 3x3 with a struggle).

  21. Squats today. Taking it easy after cutting and banging up my knee pretty badly last thursday:
    Squats worked up to 120kg for 6x3
    Step bb lunges 40kg for 4x6
    Seated cald raise 30kg for 3x14
    Leg ext 50 for 3x20
    Seated calf rotation 60 for 3x15
    Cable lat pulldown 55 for 3x12

  22. Upper body volume:

    Isolateral pull down:
    120kgx8 feeling strong

    Db bench press worked up to:
    40kgx8 PR!

    Cable lat pulldown '70' for 5x10
    Cable lateral raise '55' 3x10

  23. Squats yesterday, worked up to:
    130kg for 6x3
    Really focused on maintaining a neutral spine and spending a bit more time at my sticking point. Completely fried me.

  24. Upper volume today:
    Isolat pulldown 90kg for 3x10
    Db bench press 5x12 with 30kg feel light but got some crackly slop and inflammation happening in my troublesome right shoulder. Disappointing, as r shoulder has been great for ages.
    Isolateral row 120kg for 5x8
    Db lateral raise 10kg for 3x8 7.5kg for 2x10
    20kg plate shrugs 25x3

  25. Deload sesh today:
    Step lunge 40kgbb 3x12
    Hack squat 80kg 3x12
    Upright isolateral row 80kg 3x12
    Bb benchpress 100kg 3x3
    Lateral db raise from hyper 4kg 3x15
    Cable lat pulldown 60 & cable lateral raise 50 supersets at 10:10x3


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