Mission: body type from plum to the big "V"

  1. Mission: body type from plum to the big "V"

    What's up guys going to start a log and see if I can get rid of this stubborn body type I have . I've always compared it to a pair because right above my waist I could never get rid of that stupid tire and back fat love handles. My mission is to lose it while preserving what ever muscle I have gained in the last 6 years.

    Back track to 7 years ago I was 210 chunky as can be with zero muscle I ate like crap Chinese, pizza, pop etc. you get the point and the sodium intake made it worse. I got sick of it one day and decided that I needed to start working out.

    Here's about 2009 About 205 lbs obviously a lot off fat after I had been dieting for about 2 years
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    Here's about 8 months ago while dieting still couldn't manage to get rid of the stubborn tire around the hips
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    Now I'm trying to add mass and this is where I'm stuck at the tire is coming back will just not disappear

    Diet as of now

    Breakfast 900am
    10 egg whites
    1 cup of oats


    Protein shake 2 scoops of whey 48g protein

    Meal 2 100pm

    8 oz 90% lean beef 1/2 cup of pasta

    Meal 3 300pm

    8 oz 90% lean beef 1/2 cup of pasta

    Meal 4 600 pm

    8oz lean beef or chicken

    Meal5 before bed around 900pm

    48g whey protein

    Gym schedule

    Monday : SHOULDERS and TRAPS

    Military press:
    4x sets till failure
    Lateral raises
    Side lateral raises
    Clise grip shrugs

    All excercises I do 4xsets Til failure


    Bis tris:
    Straight bar curls
    Dumbells curls inside hammers
    V bar tricep pushdown
    Incline skull crushers (due to tendons actin up)
    Dumbells extension in and outward

    Wed : legs

    Leg press
    Leg extension
    Free weight lunges
    Calf raises seated calf raises ( feet pointed in out and straight 1 set)



    Bent over rows with bench bar
    Rows with cables
    Back lateral extension
    Isolation cable rows



    Bench press dumbells
    Incline press dumbells
    Flies dumbells
    Decline dumbells
    Flies cables

    Saturday and Sunday I may take one of the days off or do arms again!

    Plan take lots and lots of alpha mine !
    add 1/2 stairs everyday?

    Please comments and critiques welcome I've been frustrated the last 8 years tryin to make ends meet
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  2. Also forgot my supplements
    Whey protein
    Creatine monohydrate
    And Alphamine

    I will be log pics every 2 weeks

  3. Diet:
    -for breakfast, eat the whole egg and drop the oats.
    -stop eating lean meats and get some fat on them. the more the better and more meat too.
    -drop meal 3 all together.
    -meal 4 add in some veggies. in fact add in fruits and veggies in all meals if you can.

    take a multi. one that is a capsule and not a tablet and is 2 per serving and take 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening.

    for the lifting part, get on a proven program. try something like PHAT. from what you posted i have a feeling you will like it.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  4. Ok but I lift about 10 am what am I gunna use for energy if I don't eat oats for carbs in my breakfast?

  5. your body has enough fuel in it to run several marathons without eating, so don't worry about it.

    your body is likely used to higher carb diet and may not be efficient at using bodyfat as fuel. once you break that carb addiction you can go many hours without food and still get a killer workout. for example, last year i spent most of the year doing intermittent fasting. on sundays was my longest training day of training and it included strongman stuff on top of my normal routine. it started at 10am and my last meal before that would be sometime saturday night. i wouldn't get home till 2 or 3 before i would eat again. so i would go upwards of 18 hours without food and still made gains too. i added 125lbs to my PL total last year.

    it is not like you listed a large amount of carbs in your diet, but my point still stands. if you feel you need carbs to lift then your diet before this sucked real bad or you are experiencing a placebo effect. our bodies are not as fragile as many supplement mags would have you believe. we would not have lasted as a species if we were.

    i am also not saying to eat less, i am just saying to eat differently. when i try to shed weight to make weight for an event i have been known to take in as much as 55% of my calories from fat. i once dropped nearly 30lbs, went down 2 weight classes and still hit a meet PR at any bodyweight.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  6. Ok I got you definitely going to take that advice. Also another idea I have is carb cycling?

    Now as far as the meat goes you think I should do beef that's less lean?

  7. First off, I think you look good and you have done well. I like Ozzie's advice on diet. You may want to check out the website leangains. He advocates a fasting a protocol that may get you past your plateau. Lastly, you could be overtraining. I see a lot of excercises per muscle group - biceps for instance. I am no expert, but consider decreasing the number of excercises per muscle (ex. just 2 for bicep) and increase the repetitions, weight and/or intensity. Do those excercises for several weeks and then change to 2 different bicep excercises. I could be wrong and I'm sure someone will tell me so!
  8. Mission: body type from plum to the big "V"

    Much appreciated I will check out that website but feels like when I don't go til failure in not as sore and I feels like I didn't hit it hard enough
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  9. Mission: body type from plum to the big "V"

    Been a while since i did an update have had some obstacles in my dieting amd training. ive started carb cycling 45x2 days and 120g on 3 rd day. heres an update getting slowly getting back on track
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  10. Mission: body type from plum to the big "V"

    Update things are lookin better got my carbs in chek
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