Poll: Do you train on an empty or full stormach?

Do you train with a full or empty stomach?? Does it make a difference?

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  1. I train on a stomach containing slow burning carbohydrates such as oatmeal. I usually mix my oatmeal, whey, and milk in a blender and drink pre workout. That way I can push through my sets with the added energy from the carbs and the whey+milk is keeping my body somewhat anabolic.

  2. Well, I have a high tolerance to stims, meds, just pills in general lol. What I do is buy 4-5 bottles of ABB speed shots and mix them with about 3 scoop fulls of BCAA in a gallon jug. After that I just measure out 10-15 ounces and take about 50mg of Primatene before a run or bike ride. Granted, I am a runner who runs long distance and has chronic mucous build-up, it does help to allow me to breath better.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon View Post
    Pre-workout shakes slow me down and kill my post-workout appetite.
    Why do pre wo shakes slow you down? Or do you mean with regards to killing the appetite?

  4. If I'm cutting an emtpy stomach, if bulking a full stomach.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by GymRat7197 View Post
    If I'm cutting an emtpy stomach, if bulking a full stomach.
    for some reason ive had my best workouts when i dont eat 3-4 hrs b4 bed and slam down a weight gainer b4 bed and wake up take pre workout and and lift.. ive broke many personal records that way.

    Floor Pressed- 265

    all on different days when i did these some being a while ago but idk empty stomach training is amazing but the thing is i end up not eating alot at all the rest of the day.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Rosie Chee View Post
    I train first thing in the morning, cardio, then resistance training, all on an empty stomach. I actually find that my strenth, etc. is better this way. Makes no difference to hypertrophy gains (my post-training nutrition is right, and that's the most important (next to diet) thing).

    I DO sometimes do my resistance training (and if a second cardio session) later in the day (not often, but sometimes), but I like to leave at least 2-3 hours after a meal before I do that.
    I do the same although i alternate days for lifting and cardio and never do both on the same but all on an empty stomach.

  7. I train fasted. First thing in the morning. Have done this for years... I have the rest of the day to eat and hit my macro's. That's all that matters to me. Won shows. Competing for over 20 was as a natural.

  8. Wish I could vote both....on SQT and DL I'll eat a few PBJ samichs an hour or so....for BP and OHP I don't eat right before....

  9. I canít train on an empty stomach. Can not do it lol. Blood sugar gets too low and I feel shaky and overall like crap


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