Excellent Customer Service

  1. Excellent Customer Service

    I placed an order with TF Supplements a little over 3 weeks ago and was waiting for it to be shipped, however at least one of the products was by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and was out of stock. They were waiting to restock the Hi-Tech products before they could ship out my whole order. I was able to reach out to @VaughnTrue on this forum to find out why there was a delay in the shipping and within only minutes I was contacted by both TF Supplements and Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals with my order immediately shipped. Both TF Supplements and Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals handled the situation extremely quickly and took care of me. Just great customer service all around here. Looking forward to doing much more business with both of these companies in the future.

    Thanks guys!

  2. Deleted. Posted in wrong spot.

  3. glad to hear everything worked out so well brother, enjoy your order!

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